Have you dreamed of owning your own tiny house? If you are the do-it-yourself type and want the satisfaction of building your own tiny house, then perhaps attending a tiny house workshop is the right choice for you.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, a leading figure in the tiny house movement has provided tiny house workshops across the country for years. Many attendees have gone on to build their own tiny homes, most with no prior building knowledge or skills and with very few tools needed.

Two-day workshops are routinely held throughout the country and are held by expert leaders in the tiny house movement. Once you have attended the workshop you’ll have the priceless knowledge and skills to build your very own tiny house!

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  1. joe cruz

    want to know when the next workshop is in the Fresno, calif area is. id like to attend.

  2. Susan Golling

    Curious about Sanford, Lake Mary area

  3. Lisa E.

    It would be helpful if the THM would adopt a bulletin board and post all of the workshops and dates as they have them so people will know where to look (and tell their friends where to look) online for workshop information, be able to plan in advance (save money to pay for it and schedule the time in their schedule to attend.) The way it is now is way too random and people are chasing info (and giving up) and being frustrated and confused. A bulletin board of upcoming workshops, locations, accommodations and fees would be a big help.

  4. Taylor Parton

    I have purchased a Tiny House in Columbia County,PA on Knob Mountain,.. It was let off its Trailer and placed on a Foundation with its own Spring Fresssh Well and Septic.

    Lovely little 420 Sq Ft 2 story on 1/3 acre of Lush Trees n Fern Growth… am currently remodeling it and dont know if I have the Stamina,…

    This Cottage is surrounded by Lush Green Trees n Wild Turkey, n Deer… Nice Lawn, I have just planted Evergreens on North Side as aSnow/ Wind Block for Winters,.. and a Beautiful Japanese Maple in Center of Front Yard…

    Currently the Value is around $37,000, but would be willing to part with Title for $30,000. Serious Cash buyers only.

  5. Teresa Perez

    Hi Taylor, my name is teresa and I live in Florida. I am interested in purchasing but would like to see some pictures of inside and outside the cottage. Could you please post some or send me some pictures. My email is anatere1@icloud.com. Thanks much

  6. Wendy

    Any in New England area? Interested in attending.

  7. Lesley Shekupe

    Good morning I’m Lesley shekupe from Namibia.
    Just wanted to ask how I can be able to get more info bout the tiny house project coz I’m very interested in the workshop but sendru see I’m way faraway in the dusty streets of Africa.

  8. Maria

    Please keep me informed on Tiny House Workshops in the Seattle area in 2017. Thank you.

  9. Cynthia Walters

    I would love to attend a workshop. I’m in the Nashville, TN. area

  10. Lisa N

    I would love to attend and might bring friends with me. We are North of Orlando. Thank you!