See what I did there? “Serve”? You get it? Okay, maybe not yet. Let me back up a bit.

Tiny houses serve a number of purposes. They are homes, first of all. But they have also become farmers markets, beauty salons, coffee shops, and more. But DEWAR’S – yes, the whiskey distillery – has created the world’s first tiny house traveling scotch whisky emporium. It is a traveling bar, more or less, and it is every bit as refined and classy as a DEWAR’S White Label from the 1970s. Built to travel the nation this summer with stops in Chicago, Denver, Boston, New York, Austin, LA, and Miami, it is a tiny house like no other.

The house was largely conceived and designed by Erik Johnson and Theodore Rhodes who serve as the Creative Director and Art Director, respectively, for the emporium. The tiny house is a complete custom build that mixes whisky barrel wood, copper accents and steampunk flavor. Built by Tiny Innovations in Gresham, OR, the house presented some engineering challenges that ordinary tiny homes don’t. For instance the emporium has two doors that cantilever to open up the space, as well as a full height ceiling with 14 skylights to open up the space for guests.

The tour truly does make sense as Tommy Dewar, founder of DEWAR’S, was a bit of a vagabond and ramblin’ man, even enabling him to write a book in 1894 title A Ramble Round the Globe.

What various tiny houses have you seen lately? If you could build a tiny house that served a purpose other than living, what would it be for? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Pat Dunham

    This is very exciting to see, how Tiny Houses are expanding in so many ways. I can see this beauty at a Tiny House event serving all the enthusiasts. Plus show casing the many uses of Tiny Houses. I intend to let my followers know about these possibilities.

  2. JE

    Now this a tiny house that I would like to have built.
    High ceilings, opens up. Would like to know the dimensions.

  3. Emily Sandstrom

    A greenhouse. Those aquaponic towers, and soil for root vegetables. It would have the kind of wheels that self-parking cars have, so that it could circle around to face the moving sun, even though there are lights that make things grow around the towers.

    One could travel to a city to sell the produce, or bring it to a restaurant.

  4. Laura

    This is everything wonderful in one place… Dewar’s and a lovely tiny emporium. It’s perfect.

  5. Barbara

    Magnificent craftsmanship and ideas for this tiny house!❤️

  6. Raynola

    Is this meant as a listing? If so, what is the asking price for this THOW? I love it, the skylights and the attention to detail, like all of the copper work.

  7. Cynthia Stephens

    I have always wanted to help others and I would love to have a tiny home to serve the Lord and raise money for Tiny homes for those of us who cannot afford one themselves.

  8. Dawn Massey

    I would love to have a tiny house that was also a food and art stand. Therefore, I could travel and make money at the same time. Close on days I did not want to work and move from location to location.