Constructing an earthbag home is considered by many to be the most inexpensive method of building a home simply because the material is free and usually already onsite. The major cost associated with earthbag homes are the bags used to hold the earth which makes up the structure. The most common type of bags used are solid-weave polypropylene. These bags typically hold rice and grain during shipment and can be reused for building an earthbag home. You can of course buy the bags new as well.

Once the structure of the house has been built, a material such as plaster, stucco or adobe is usually used to finish the walls to prevent water and insect damage and to insulate the home completely from the elements. Earthbag homes can take on many different sizes and shapes such as straight walls or curved. The roof can also be made of earthbag but only for smaller structures. Green roofs and timber roofs are also often used. Here is an in-depth step by step on how to build yourself an earthbag home.

It’s possible that an earthbag home could be used for folks interested in living small. With the proper amount of planning an earthbag home can be comfortable and last a very long time. When the home has reached it’s shelf life, it can simply be returned to the earth or the material can be used for the next earthbag home to be built.

Here is a quick gallery of I have added to give you an idea of what’s with earthbag construction. Enjoy.

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  1. Theresa Glatfelter and Nathan Phillips

    Hello, My Name is Theresa and my fiancĂ© is Nathan…..We watch your shows on tiny homes on HGTV. We live in PA. My fiancĂ© Nathan and I are very, very interested in living simply and downsizing into a hobbit hole. LOL. Your Earth Bag Homes(CAL-EARTH) have caught our imagination. We want to live with what we need and not with what we want. We would not like to leave a carbon foot-print. How can we live in a Earth Bag Home, Yurt or a home built into a hill(the hobbit hole?)?
    Would u please send us a pamphlet detailing any homes u have for sale or anything about your business….Our email address is ….our address is P.O. BOX 255 Elizabethville , PA. 17023 ……. Our phone number’s are Theresa 717-571-3837 and Nathan 717-315-7249! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!