One of the more attractive allures of tiny house living is the freedom it brings from being mortgage-free and to go where you like. A great way to take your home with you is by putting it on wheels. To take things a step further, why not let those wheels be bicycle wheels?

A tiny house mounted on or pulled behind a bicycle is extremely efficient in that no fossil fuels are needed to move it along. Another added benefit is that towing it is a good workout and lets you enjoy the great outdoors.

But what about long uphills? The perfect addition to your bicycle/tiny house setup would be to make your bicycle have an electric motor kick in when needed. Any bicycle can be converted to a pedal/electric hybrid with a kit such as this one. Or you can purchased a bicycled that’s already electric from the manufacture such as this one (men’s) and this one (women’s).

To inspire you, I’ve prepared a nice list of bicycle/camper setups that I believe you’ll enjoy.

The Camper Bike by Kevin Cyr. You can learn more about it here.

The Little Tag Along. See a full writeup with more photos here.

A fellow named Paul designed this little camper pulled behind his bicycle for housing while hanging out at Burning Man. You can learn more about his little camper here.

Apparently pulling a camper behind your bicycle isn’t an entirely new concept.

“The Caravan” is a luxury bicycle camper with an array of available options like solar roof panels, satellite dish, gaming console, central heating and external luggage rack. Learn more about The Caravan here.

The “Fiets caravan” is designed to be very lightweight and two of them can be placed side by side to make a double bed.

The “Supertramp” is a pull behind bicycle caravan made mostly of fabric. I think it’s great that it even comes with a wood stove! Free heat on the go. You can learn more about the Supertramp here. Photo credits Lehman B.

“The Karavaanari”. Photo credit Tero Tilus.

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  1. Danny Garcia

    You all are awesome ! Keep dreaming & designing . Most of all thanks for sharing .

  2. Billy webb

    I am inspired by all of the tiny campers I have seen here.I have always wanted a pop up bicycle camper. But never found one that I like. So I have decided to build one.I thank you.