On our travels through Nova Scotia with our tiny house in tow, Guillaume  (my partner) and I had the opportunity to park at Full Moon Tiny Shelters, a brand new tiny house company. We were greeted by James and Jennifer Constable and immediately began touring our respective tiny abodes.

Our tiny home is 20 foot long, has a lofted bedroom and was built by novices (ahem…Guillaume and I). The “Bird House” by Full Moon Tiny Shelters is 16 feet long, one level and built by a master carpenter with years of experience! The two homes were very different and proved that there are infinite possibilities when it comes to tiny home design.

Tiny House Travels Through Nova Scotia

Tiny House Giant Journey Interior

Bird House Exterior

Bird House Interior

The Bird House features a composting toilet and a simple water jug sink, similar to Dee William’s tiny home plumbing. It’s very minimal and can be completely off-grid.

The following day James and Jennifer introduced us to Dawn, the third member of Full Moon Tiny Shelters. Dawn is currently living in the “Harmony House” by Full Moon, which is perched on a 20 foot trailer. I’ve been lucky enough to tour dozens of tiny homes, either at workshops or by stumbling upon them during our travels, but the Harmony House is unlike any tiny home I’ve seen.

First of all, the layout is unique. The kitchen is in the middle of the home, with the loft stretching overhead. The bathroom is built out over the tongue and the great room sits with tall ceilings at the rear of the house.

The great room is slightly raised and multi-functional. This area can be used as a platform for yoga, a second bed, sitting area or dinning area. There’s also ample storage under the raised floor. I just love the cabinetry! I’m a terrible cabinet maker. So much so that Guillaume and I opted for a counter skirt in our tiny home. So I really appreciate good cabinet work when I see it.

The Harmony House features my favorite tiny house bathroom ever! The trio built the bathroom out over the tongue, which allowed this 20 foot tiny house a few extra feet for a large shower, bathroom sink and composting toilet. When it comes to tiny bathrooms, this one is super luxurious.

The loft is directly over the kitchen, which is in the center of the house. The shed roof and extended trailer makes this all possible.

Later that evening, Guillaume and I had our first tiny house dinner party with our hosts. We managed to have five people sitting, mostly comfortably, around our fold down dinning table. Strategically, I cooked a big pot of chili so we could use bowls instead of plates to save table space. The tricky part? We only have two bowls! I blushed and had to ask our guests to BYOB – Bring Your Own Bowls.

In the end, our first tiny house dinner party was a success. We seamlessly chatted about solar power, dormers and composting toilets without batting an eye, as only tiny housers can do.

How would you host a tiny house dinner party?

Learn more about Full Moon Tiny Shelters here.

*All photos/video provided by Full Moon Tiny Shelters or taken by Guillaume Dutilh

Jenna Spesard is a contributing writer for Tiny House Listings. She lives in a self-built Tumbleweed tiny home with her boyfriend Guillaume and their adorable Australian Shepherd. Currently they are traveling around North America, blogging about tiny living and holding occasional open houses. Learn more on their blog (Tiny House Giant Journey) or follow them on Facebook.

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  1. Len Biss

    So beautiful. I really like the design. It’s inspiring. The curve creates a beautiful feel. Is that up front on the trailer by the hitch?

    1. Len Biss

      Oh never mind, I see now. Thank you for sharing, beautiful work

  2. Jeanine Trucksess

    Wow AWESOME!!!!
    MY Mother and I have a small property on Cape Breton, NS
    WE are fascinated by putting a Tiny House there.
    WE are travelling up for Celtic Colors in Oct.
    Can you provide info for us??
    thank you,
    we would need 2 sleeping accommodations, pine we love,
    a small deck, and a Japenese soaking tube in bathroom, we would love a quote if you can lots of light!!
    thank you,
    Jeanine Trucksess from NJ our price range? 40,000

  3. Draconian Mage

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