It was great to arrive home to Tiny House Ontario and find that my cousin Kenny is still taking care of my driveway. I pulled right in when I arrived because of his, most appreciated, diligence. The house was exactly ten degrees more inside then it was outside: plus two. Not a terribly cozy temperature, but much cozier than minus 10.

I turned on the small flowerpot heater by lighting four candles under it just to see if this alone would bring the temperature up. It does in fact do this, but not enough to be useful. Once it is left on for an hour there is a 2 degree temperature variation. If I had eight or ten of them when the weather is this cold, it might be enough. It would not take long to burn off a pack of candles though if you burn them 30 or 40 at a time! I had planned on comparing this system to the self made one that Tiny House Listings posted a few weeks ago, but did not get the chance to pick up a flower pot. Now that I am back home and I see the new skillet heater that Steven has posted at Tiny House Listings, I really want to try this one at THO a lot more than I do the flowerpot system.

The driveway leading up to Tiny House Ontario.

When I arrived, I also put away a few things that I brought with me as well as the dishes on the counter. I had left the dishes there drying when I left a couple of weeks ago and no little forest elves came in to put them away for me. When this was done I walked out around outside the house to check how everything looks. The worrying thing was that my solar panels were exactly half covered with an icy snow. I wondered if I would have power to run my lights when I noticed and quickly ran back to the house and turned on the lights. They worked with no problem despite having been covered at least since the last snow 3 days before.

The house itself is quiet and peaceful as usual. There was no sign of humans having been there except the plow. There were a lot of animal tracks around the property. As a matter of fact the entire area was covered in large and small footprints from who knows what kinds of creatures. I really love to see the proof of these little feet!

Tiny House Ontario, December 2013.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I did not stay at THO at all though I was in the area for nearly a week. This is because unfortunately my car broke down and I simply did not wish to be stranded in the woods. It seems that both my car and I are having some difficulty holding ourselves together this year, so I am hoping that both of us get sorted by 2014.

The great parts of the weekend were that I was the guest of my sister and her husband. I enjoyed a sleepover party with my niece in their guest room and this was lots of fun! My show was a success with many sales and lots of attendees. The other good news that I am grateful for, is that my car repair, which I thought was a cracked cylinder, was just a coil so it was under $200 to fix it.

Still, I have really great news! I made a deal with my buddy Jimmy. He is going to build and install a woodstove for me at THO. Jim is not only a long time friend but he is both a fan and customer of my work, so we are trading the stove for a painting.

He has already sent me a note letting me know that he is working on the stove and I am hoping that this will be done before too long. It would be great to have the dryer heat of a woodstove instead of the damp heat of propane running. I really love the smell of wood burning. As soon as it is ready I will take another trip down, but this probably will not be until the new year.

Laura Moreland is a contributing writer for Tiny House Listings.  She lives in a tiny woodland cottage near Kingston Ontario with a pack of dwarf dogs.  Her woodsman ensures that she never accept apples from old ladies.  You can learn more about Laura through her website “Tiny House Ontario” here.

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