In December of 20011 I ran a simple blog post about an old school bus that was beautifully converted into a small living space. To date it is the most popular post ever on the Tiny House Listings blog post with 100,000 views and almost 8,000 Facebook likes (at the time of this writing). And I can see why. It’s a beautiful example of something old and no-good turned back into something new and useful. Like a rolling metal tiny house! Alot of folks asked me to share more about the bus, but admittedly I didn’t know the owners! Someone emailed the photos to me and I simply shared them on the site. That was until Katy (the owner) recently touched base with me to share her story.

Back in 2009 Katy was relaxing in her hot tub in her rented out luxury apartment reading the book Everything Must Change by Brian McLaren when she realized that everything for her and her husband must in fact change. She recalled that her husband had came across a nice converted bus a few days before on Craigslist. Within a few days they were on their way to Bellingham, WA to purchase the bus and drive it back to the Cascade Mountains.

Some friends agreed to let them park their bus on their property and live there. They purchased a composting toilet for the bus and one month after Katy’s hot tub revelation, they had downsized their personal belongings and moved into their “new” school bus.

Katy and her husband decided to grow vegetables next to their bus to supplement their diet.

The inside of their home. The stove on the lower-right was later replaced with a smaller stove since the one pictured produced too much heat.

The couple lived in their converted school bus for two years full-time. It now serves as a guest room for the small house they recently purchased.

If you’d like to see more photos and learn more about their story you can visit there website at

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