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This little cabin is one I designed on the fly for a communal build workshop I held deep in the woods of Northern Vermont (“Tiny House Summer Camp 2012”). Its off-grid, with a coleman lantern, alongside other candle and oil lamps, as its only light source at night. Once the sun goes down, seeing as one entire half of the roof is clad with clear polycarbonate roofing, this micro structure takes on a lantern-like appearance from a distance.

This mere 8’ by 8’ cabin is meant to be a simple, bare-bones, seasonal retreat in the woods- and a backwoods library of sorts. During future workshop gatherings it could also serve as a place where a pair of attendees might also be able to stay- complete with a sweeping view of the woods through its many windows. We dubbed it “The Rock Bottom”, as it was built on the most meager of budgets, and happens to be downhill from our main camp cabin, AND next to a very large boulder- one of almost the same proportions as the cabin itself. This giant glacial erratic seems to stand as the cabins long-lost prehistoric relative.

All in all, “The Rock Bottom” cost a mere $300 to build, seeing as a good many of its materials were scavenged for free, or acquired second hand. The window in the door you see is a “Pet-Peek” dome (, usually designed for giving pets a view through sidewalk fencing. The “technicolor” chair inside is also made from what many would have otherwise considered trash- barn boards and pallet wood. The front deck, believe it or not, is actually a freebie fence wall that Goodridge Lumber in Albany, VT was tossing out. After reinforcing it from below with several free 2by4s, it was transformed into a nice spot where I could survey the landscape and tend the nearby campfire. The deck, topped with 5/4″ cedar, is surprisingly strong.

This cabin will be showcased in a new book I’ve been working on for my publisher, alongside MANY other tiny structures. If you have a fun and unique cabin, tree house or dwelling you might want to submit, do send a link or photos my way over at my facebook tiny house and diy page….

Deek is the author of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” which features dozens of his DIY designs and loads of cool tiny house goodies. He also runs

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