There’s energy all around us. The only thing separating us and the energy and using it are the tools that allow us to capture it.

Moving water is one example of energy that can help provide us energy for our daily lives. I recently stumbled across the PowerSpout, a small turbine that is powered by moving water which it converts into energy that can either be used for a grid-tied system (reduce your power bill) or to charge a battery bank to draw energy from later (off-grid).

Here’s how it works. The moving water on your property is collected into the PowerSpout and funneled into the system where the turbine inside spins producing electricity and outputting it to either your existing electrical system or your battery bank to charge them.

What separates energy captured from water and wind and solar is that is is a constant source that runs 24/7. Solar works only during the day. Wind works only when the wind is blowing. Typically most running water sources will continue to flow and provide energy all the time.

Another cool thing is that after the three-year warranty has expired on your generator, the company claims that the replacements parts (if needed) are cheap and easily replaced.

Here is a quick video introduction to the PowerSpout that gives you a breakdown of how it works.

The owners have an intuitive calculator on their website that can help you determine how much energy can be produced by the source of water available on your property.

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