The “Mollycroft” is an old 1940’s living van located in Yorkshire. The dwelling which is now a vacation rental used to serve a home while touring for the family that owned it. The Mollycroft has been recently renovated but kept many of it’s original features during its’ overhaul.

The living area can easily sleep four people with one of the beds located in the bunkroom, which also serves as a kitchen. If the front deck were larger with a roof, it would add to the usable space and make permanent living all the more comfortable.

The Mollycroft reminds me of what could be done with a Spartan trailer or a large airstream here in the United States. Purchasing a piece of land and parking something like this with the intention of a permanent residence is an inexpensive and attractive solution for living tiny for relatively cheap. Here are some photos of The Mollycroft, enjoy.

Photo credits Canopy & Stars

If you’d like to learn more about The Mollycroft and be a guest you can see available dates here.

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