Recently I was watching the history channel and saw a segment on a house called The Dymaxion House. The house was designed by Buckminster Fuller and was made completely out of aluminum. It was intended to address issues with the way homes were being built in the 1920’s. Buckminster’s plan was to mass produce the homes. The house was to be factory built and assembled on site.

The original design of the toilet was a waterless system and the waste was to be shrink-wrapped and composted off site. In an effort to conserve water, a “fogger” was used as a replacement for the shower. The fogger used compressed air and small water particles to reduce water consumption.

While the Dymaxion was well ahead of it’s time in theory, it received criticism for using energy intensive materials such as aluminum. The project never took off. One of the only two Dymaxion houses built is currently housed in the Henry Ford Museum on display for visitors. Buckminster went on to become the father or Geodesic dome design which was obviously a much bigger success.

Although this type of design wasn’t perfectly ideal for mass production, it nice to see an example of someone thinking outside the box almost 100 years ago. Buckminster had the foresight to see the problems associated with typical home building construction and set out to help solve it.

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  1. angelyn palmer

    i ab csolutely love this house as a home or a business could i even have a place like intended built anymore

  2. angelyn palmer

    is there any possible wat to purchase 1 of these houses built as designed by fuller