If you have followed this site for awhile (thank you if you have!) then you know debt is a nasty word around here. Especially debt that could have been, or can be avoided. But there are a few rare instances where I personally believe (this is just my two cents, please weigh in using the comments below) that debt can be a means to and end.

One such rare instance is where you can borrow a small amount (relatively speaking) to prevent having to pay more money in the long-term.

Tennessee Tiny Homes recently announced that they have secured financing on their tiny homes. Here’s their official announcement:

Financing available in the following states at this time: TN, AL, LA, FL, AR, and TX. If you live in any of the states, have a steady income, decent credit score, a 10% down payment, and want to be in a tiny home this summer please contact me at (901) 860-8166 or TennesseeTinyHomes [at] yahoo dot com. Due to the overwhelming response please be seriously interested as I am already a super busy dude! Thanks Joe

A tiny house in progress by The Tennessee Tiny Homes crew. You can see a completed tiny house by them featured on Tiny House Swoon here.

I’ve have the privilege of meeting Joe several times and we have become good friends since we first met. He’s super-passionate about tiny houses and is one of the busiest builders in the business because of three reasons. First, his prices are super-reasonable. Second, he does quality work and in what I’d consider to be a timely manner. And last, he’s flexible. If you have special requests that you’d like to see in your tiny house, him and his crew can usually get it done.

If you’re interested in having Tennessee Tiny Homes build you a tiny house, you can checkout their work on their Facebook page here and use the contact information above in their official announcement.

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  1. Vicky Arnold

    I would like to know more about buying or renting a tiny house in Tennessee? My cell phone number is 901-825-8950.