I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life over the last few years. He was the first person to showcase my own tiny house project online and has become a very close friend – one of many in the tiny house community. It is always great to have friends who truly understand what you’ve gone through and with whom you can swap stories about tiny building and living. Ryan is one of those people.

He is also a tiny house entrepreneur and has used his experience building his tiny house to create a line of products and services that can help others on the same path. His newest offering is an eBook titled Shockingly Simple Electrical for Tiny Houses.

This great resource is full of information about basic electrical wiring, on the grid and off the grid systems, alternative power systems, and everything else you can imagine when it comes to electricity in your tiny home.

One of the few things Matt and I did not do in our own tiny house was the electrical. We knew we could learn but one of our closest friends happens to be a master electrician so he offered to help and we took him up on it. As he worked we watched and assisted and learned enough along the way to be able to finish some wiring toward the end of our build. A book like Shockingly Simple Electrical would have been an invaluable resource for us while we were building if we had decided to go it alone.

The book is full of photographs and diagrams that walk you through some of the most basic wiring scenarios that home builders will have to deal with. It shows some of the different considerations if you tie the home to the grid verses using solar or other alternative power sources.

If you’re thinking about the electrical wiring in your tiny home and you want the experience of building and installing every part, check out Shockingly Simple Electrical for Tiny Houses by Ryan Mitchell. The book is available through The Tiny Life store as a PDF.

Laura is a contributing writer for Tiny House Listings and she walks the walk. She lives in a 120 square foot cabin in Asheville, NC that she and her partner Matt built themselves. You can learn more about Laura and Matt at their website 120squarefeet.com.

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