It’s not uncommon to start your adulthood with very few possessions and money with the goal of acquiring more stuff and money as you go. The unintended consequence of having more money is (in my humble opinion) acquiring too many things, which often leads to the reverse, acquiring more things than you have money (debt).

As time goes by we find that along our journey to having more, we make our lives more complex. By complex I mean having to work more in jobs we don’t enjoy to maintain our lifestyle. We sign our names on dotted lines that require more obligation, money and time than we originally thought we were prepared to expend.

By downsizing our lives (whatever that looks like for you) we are able to reverse or recover from this complexity at a much faster rate. When the dust settles hopefully we’ll be in the exact place we’d like to be. That being much less complexity and more much simplicity in our lives.

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