by Matt Drouncheck

Providing all the comforts of home packaged in 100 sqft can be a problem for most but not for Sensible Structures. Founded in 2011 and formalized in 2012 Sensible Structures is a joint venture by eco-minded individuals seeking to provide affordable environmentally friendly housing that appeal to a wide range of consumers: Sportsman & Recreation, Commercial, Emergency, and Green Living Enthusiast.

Homes are factory built and are fully customizable for residential or commercial applications to your specification.

Easy to assemble or can purchased pre-assembled and delivered.

Sensible Structures is proud to offer the complete package of off-grid turn key housing which has been hand crafted in north east Pennsylvania.

We welcome you to contact us for more information or to set up a tour of our homes.

To view full-sized images above and more, click here. Sensible Structures is also a member of the Tiny House Builders Directory.

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  1. Tory Johnson

    I am interested in getting the 100sq ft tiny house you built. How much does it cost.