by Laura LaVoie

The original version of the story you’re about to read was quite different. I wanted to showcase tiny house builder, Paprika Clark, and talk a bit about her company Bungalow to Go. I had the pleasure of meeting Pepper early last year when she came out to Asheville as part of the team conducting a Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop. Matt and I had agreed to speak to the standing room only crowd about building our Tarleton and we also were able to take Pepper to see our nearly finished house. We really enjoyed speaking with her and kept in touch. So, when I reached out to her to find out more about the launch of her own company she was more than happy to share her story with me.

The interior of the Towhee, a tiny house built by Bungalow to Go.

Then I received an additional email from Pepper. She answered all of my initial questions about Bungalow to Go, but told me she may have some new information by the end of the week. I was eagerly waiting for the news and when I got the second email I couldn’t have been more surprised and excited for her.

Pepper has just accepted a full time job with the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and will be working in their Sonoma office. “A few weeks ago I would never have imagined I would step away from my own business to take a ‘regular job’ again, but the three most important things to me about working independently are that I get to be exactly who I am (no pantyhose and high heels for me!), I get to make business decisions based not only on the bottom line but also on their emotional and environmental impact, and I get a lot of fulfillment out of the level of creativity and autonomy it gives me. The miraculous thing about working here is that I still get to cover all three of those bases while working cooperatively with a talented group of people who have similar perspectives and priorities.”

Of course, I wanted to know how this would affect Bungalow to Go, and Pepper beat me to the question. Her family company will now be joining forces with Tumbleweed. “When Tumbleweed customers have a need for a customized or fully custom build in our region, Bungalow to Go will get that project.”

Right now Pepper is focusing on sales and customer service but is preparing for workshops again in the spring. She and the team at Tumbleweed are revamping their workshop program based on feedback they received over the course of last year.

The Tumbleweed Fencl. Image credit Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

Tumbleweed has been a topic of conversation in the tiny house community lately with the recent shift in ownership, but Pepper is excited to be a part of this new team. “Overall, the changes in Tumbleweed have been nothing but positive to my mind. We’ll be able to concentrate on doing what we’ve been doing, but more so – helping people fulfill their tiny house dreams through education, inspiration, and simply amazing support and research. Over the past years with very little ‘manpower’ we’ve been limited on what we could do to bring the wealth of our knowledge out to everyone, but that’s going to change soon.”

Keep watching the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company website for more new information as things shift in their newly revamped organization.

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