Designed by Robust Outdoor Brands way over in Switzerland are these well-built little dwellings called “PODhouses.” Inspired by the huts built by The Toda Tribe of India (see image below), the PODhouse features a sloped roof with thick and durable shingles to help shed heavy snow loads.

The PODhouse comes in three models ranging from 83 square feet up to 126 square feet and priced from $13,300 to $20,500. All models are shipped to site prebuilt, fully wired and ready to use. ROB claims that the PODhouse is being used for a variety of purposes including backyard offices, remote camping cabins, temporary workers shelter and full-time residences.

The shape of the PODhouse is similar to the “All Eights” cabin built by Deek from and write of the book “Humble Home, Simple Shacks” which you can purchase here.

With a footprint of 126 square feet and the largest of the three PODhouse models available is the “Plaun.” The base of the Plaun has integrated steel rails for transport by forklift. If more square feet are required, additional extensions that simply attach to the structure can be purchased.

The interior of the Plaun. The company that makes the PODhouse, Robust Outdoor Brands also carries accessories such as an outdoor kitchen unit on wheels.

The PODhouse was inspired by the huts built by the Toda Tribe in India.

The steep roofline allows for snow to shed during heavy snows.

A PODhouse can be easily place on any flat, stable surface.

Unfortunately the PODhouse isn’t available in the U.S. or Canada yet but lots of other tiny house builders can build and deliver you a tiny house similar in quality. Checkout the Tiny House Builders directory here. Are you the DIY type? Attend a tiny house building workshop by clicking here or purchase detailed and guided tiny house plans here.

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