Way back in 2013 I shared with you guys the story behind me finding and acquiring my 3+ acre parcel of land out in the boonies for $2,000. Since then I’ve been slowly working on it, board by board. A few weeks ago my Dad and I started working on a two-person sleeper cabin. The have already built a two-person 4×16 (yes, you read those dimensions right) elevated cabin in the woods that sleeps two people. The problem is, if any guests come out there, they are sleeping on the ground in tents.

The idea behind The Path-eon is to build something cheap, comfy and mobile to provide a place for guests to rest their heads and also catch a break from the elements while staying out there.



The entire thing sits on heavy-duty rubber tire casters. This allows the micro cabin to be wheels around the property where deemed appropriate. For example, under a shade tree in the summer and in a nice sunny spot during the colder months.



The two most important parts of their build are the price and the weight. So far we’re happy with the result. The entire thing should cost about $800 or less. The price has been kept low by using found materials such as the 2×8 base it sits on that came from a construction site. The window was given to me. The 2×3’s used in the frame are quite a bit cheaper than 2×4’s and the siding is actually fence pickets. Much cheaper AND more lightweight.

Here’s a quick video of the progress so far. Be on the lookout for the video #2 coming soon so be sure to subscribe to The Tiny House Listings channel to avoid missing the updates.

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  1. Jeana Riley

    What are ypu goibg to use for the roof? Will therr be any insulation? Just left framed or will there be interior walls and ceiling?

  2. Kim Newhand

    I would like a cabin home 1bed room I like a bath tub I have too dogs

  3. Jeana Riley

    Also forgot to ask….where do you get those great huge casters? I am working a kind of a similar project and was looking for something like that since it will be moved on dirt gravel and grass.

  4. Bill DeVries

    I have been looking for something like your Path-eon, cheap,comfy and mobile. Please keep me informed on the progress. What are the dimensions L,WandH?

  5. Spencer H

    What a great idea. Wish I would have thought of that. We have a similar wood and it would be an ideal location for a Path-eon. Would be interested to find out how easy it is to move around through the woods and how many people it takes to move it.

  6. Ana

    Where is the third or final video?
    I watched the first two videos… And can’t wait to see the final result… Thank

    1. Steven Listing Owner

      It’s still in the works! Thank you.

  7. Ana

    Where is video #3? I want to see it finished… furnished etc… it is so cute thus far… can’t wait to see the end results…