“Why should the other states have all the fun? We have so much to offer people: oceanfront, metro areas, the mountains, vast amounts of farmland. We have a number of communities that are embracing non-traditional housing and it’s far time we recognize that movement,” says 2017 TinyHouseNC Street Festival founder Andrew M. Odom (best known as the co-founder of Tiny r(E)volution).

Taking place in Pink Hill, NC (Lenoir County) from April 21-23, 2017, the TinyHouseNC Street Festival is a weekend dedicated to the modern tiny house movement throughout the state. While North Carolina has played host to at least one other tiny house event in the past, nothing exclusive to the state and including the immediate region, has been mounted. That is soon to change though and with a lineup of first-class speakers including Dee Williams, Deek Diedricksen, Jewel Pearson, Laura LaVoie, and more, as well as a showcase of no less than 10 tiny house professional builders (as well as some DIYers), it is going to change in a major way.

While tickets do not go on sale until Dec. 20, the festival team is actively accepting applications for speakers, sponsors, builders, and vendors. The event is hoping to bring in cottage industry vendors as well as food trucks and tiny house merchandise sales. The majority of the land being used for the festival comes courtesy of one of the street festivals foundation sponsors, Pink Hill Pharmacy owned by Al Rachide and Susan Myers.

“There are a number of other surprises on the horizon including a couple more foundation sponsors, several very exciting workshops surrounding the event, a potential state political presence, and more,” adds Odom. “I am not going to be happy unless we exceed the bar currently set for tiny house celebrations. I want to bring the dynamic and excitement North Carolina has to offer to the fairgrounds and show other Carolinians that we are every bit a part of the modern tiny house movement as the next guy!”

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  1. Scott Jones

    Hello, we are Tiny Houses Greensboro and would like to speak with you about your festival. Thank you Scott Jones Board Chair 336-834-7418

  2. WW gilman

    Count us for any help you may need. We are an Intentional Tiny House Community. We have 56 residents, and growing daily. Call Bob or Barbra or Stacy Davis for contributions, speakers, and anything else you may need.

  3. Laraine McColley

    I am really interested in the tiny house movement where are the tickets sold at?

  4. Charles Emminger

    Are there any tiny House communities anywhere down in the South. North Carolina,South Carolina or Florida.

  5. Joe3

    Sounds like a winner to me Andrew ….

  6. Phyllis Delisi

    I’m not able to drive right now. Are there any other transportation choices that you are sponsoring? I’m looking for a tiny in Michigan, but going right to the builder might be a better choice.


    Another great effort for tiny house living…! I love hearing stories like this when a community comes together and show cases a tiny house right down town in the middle of the main street for others to see that tiny house living is no different then others then just smaller…! This is something I would hope more towns around the country would sit up and take notice of and see what is going on here and make the move to allow tiny house communities start to build in their town….!

  8. Rebecca Lamb

    What city in NC is hosting this event. I would like to attend. Information not clear as to when and where. Thanks a newbie just wanting to check out the event. Any information appreciated.

  9. Annie

    I don’t drive, but the Washington DC area has an excellent metro system. Are there any tiny houses in the DC area that I could at least visit or will there be one visiting somewhere? I’m going to be moving permanently into a THOW in June ’17 and while I have no qualms about the move, I kind of want to know what I’m getting myself into. You know, if it fits and stuff!