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  1. Mary Martin

    Thanks for this a lot! Will you include in your revamped website information about how to find land on which to place my new tiny home? I simply do not know the first step.

    I trust you will know reliable and ethical sources, resources, companies that will assist a tiny home owner to acquire land!

    Thanks so much. Perhaps with your help, a dream of mine will come true…I will live in a tiny home!

  2. Julie Stroeve

    I live in the Upper Midwest where all homes require a foundation or frost footings. Are all tiny houses designed to travel on wheels like trailer homes or is it okay to build one as a permanent get-away?

  3. Sheila Carter

    Who should I go to to start looking into buying a tiny home and to get land put it on I want to buy one now I have 10 more years to work and then I want to set it on property I have done in Oregon when I retire but I’m working up in Vancouver Washington now and would like to buy one now and get out of the renter’s Market it’s too expensive up here can someone answer my question and give me some Avenues to look at and go down thank you Sheila

  4. Daniel Reyno

    I am going interested on buying one thinking house
    Call me 707- 768-9247
    Daniel Reynoso