Is there something in the water that keeps affordable, attractive, and simple constructs from crossing over to the United States from the United Kingdom? There seem to be a host of products available in the UK that simply are not available in the US. The log cabin series from Natural Gardener Company seems to fall into that category.

Nat Gard

The log cabins are designed to be accents to your backyard, adding a much needed home office or guest room or recreation room. However, in the modern tiny house movement, at 182 sq.ft. they could certainly serve as a tiny house on foundation.

The model referred to is the Harlech Log Cabin and is shipped with 44mm machined logs, double glazed windows (6 fixed and 6 opening), double doors, and T&G flooring and ceiling. The kits also come with green felt shingles for the roof covering.

The largest cabin being offered is the Cheviot at 226 sq.ft. Designed as a single room, it could easily have a couple of interior walls added to provide privacy for a bathroom, amongst other idea. Because of its A-frame design and generous roof pitch it may even be able to have a loft added. 
Cheviot Log Cabin

Log cabins have been a popular form of home building for hundreds of years now, and their popularity is as far-reaching today as ever. The seem more predominant in the UK because standard housing in the UK is smaller, on average, than an American house. They are simple and add space. Nothing fancy. Just extra space. They are also fairly simply in design, which may be why so many people like them.

Log homes and cabins have been an efficient style of home building throughout history, since there has always been an abundance of strong, durable wood to use. Historically, every aspect of building a log cabin was done with simple handsaws, hammers, and other hand tools. They were easy to construct by one man or a family, they were fairly easy to move since there were no nails, screw, glue, etc, and they were attractive, aging naturally along with the landscape from whence they came.

Old Log Cabin

There are a fair number of American companies selling log cabin kits. The noticeable difference though is that the American version of a log cabin is much larger in footprint, more complex to build, and oftentimes constructed of wood siding with fasteners (such as nails or screws).

US Log Cabin

It is no secret that log homes and log cabins are a great (and cozy!) way to enter the modern tiny house movement, and do so in an affordable and sustainable way.

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  1. Barbara C. Stinnett

    Do you have any information on the house planes or who built house # 3, the Log Cabin with the green roof you have pictured in this posting ? Thanks

  2. Laurie

    This is exactly what I want in a form of a house but. I need about 800 to 1200 sqft.. maybe another 100 to 200 sqft….

    I need at least a 2 or 3 bedroom house with 2 to 3 bathrooms…

    I need a great room for the kitchen and living room, family room , and dI Ning room.. all condensed into 23x 30 sqft.. approximately or a bit less.. aound 23 x 23 sqft…

  3. Liz Kodzai

    It’s also a great, very affordable answer to the ever increasing housing shortage in this country available to the working poor, elderly, and handicapped citizens who are able to function independently.