guest post by Jordan ORylee

Having lost my job 6 months ago and soon my house, I decided not to just sit around waiting for something to come to me – it was time to take the leap and make my life what I wanted. I had gotten caught up in the whole “climbing the career ladder and American Dream” (of owning a traditional house) – neither of which I found was the right thing for ME.

I am getting myself back on course of living MY life as I choose and following what is my true life’s path. Not having much money to build my tiny house yet, I finally got myself to the point where I could accept that I needed to take a teeny tiny path on my way to the larger dream of tiny household.

So, I just bought a teardrop trailer and will be living in that on the road wherever the wind blows me. I have been following the tiny house movement for a couple of years now and have already designed the tiny house of my dreams, but I didn’t know how I would ever be able to afford it. With the major changes in my life and the few choices it gave me, I had to re-examine how I was going to survive and live.

Though it took some time and LOTS of thought, research and convincing myself that I could live in something smaller than the tiny houses out there, I finally came to realize that I was willing to sacrifice a lot more than I thought I could and I look at this as an exciting challenge to see how I can make living on the road in a teardrop work. Others are doing it so why can’t I? I used to live with less when I was younger and loved it. So, here’s to life’s next great adventure – WaHoo!!

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  1. David Leventry

    WOW! With a dropped floor and raised ceiling, you have head-room INside! Do you have pictures detailing how you did that? How much does it weigh, and what do you have to tow it with?