This summer after doing ALOT of searching and scouring through endless listings of raw land for sale, I finally came across a piece of land that I felt would be a good location for my new tiny house build.

The land is about 30 miles outside the city of where I live in Wilmington, North Carolina and it’s just a quick drive to get out there but very much so in the country. The land is considered “recreation use” which means it basically has zero restrictions, tiny houses included.

The original asking price of the land was $15,700 which I felt was much too high considering the land has absolutely nothing on it except 15 year-old trees that were harvested about that long ago. I made the drive out to the property and immediately decided I wouldn’t be paying that much for it. I told the realtor “no thanks” and went on my way. He came back to me and told me the two elderly brothers who owned the property were no longer interested in paying taxes on it and would be willing to let it go for $10,000. I went back out to the property and took photos of several places where water was standing (luckily we just had a monster rain storm come through to produce the standing water which allowed me to see the property in its worst state) and told them the land was nothing bus a mosquito nursery and $4,000 was the absolute maximum I would pay. The two brothers agreed.

After taking one final look at the property, I still wasn’t enthused about paying $4,000 for the property and decided to take one last stab at knocking the price down. I told them if they would sell the property for $2,000 I would buy it with no more hassle. One week later we closed on the property.

The total size of the property is about 3.3 acres which means I paid roughly $600/acre, an unheard of amount in Eastern, North Carolina!

Yesterday I began to clear a path from the front of the property which will lead to the back of the property where the tiny house will be. There will also be another section cleared off for a micro cabin which will sleep two additional folks.

A rough (very rough) sketch of the proposed layout.

Taking a break from land clearing and eating some grub.

The yield and value of the wood I will get from clearing the path alone, once processed and split will roughly equal the amount I paid for the property, not bad.

The property will be the possible location of a spring 2014 workshop with Deek and I! If you’re interested in joining us just subscribe here and we’ll update you with details as details emerge.

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  1. Yoshiko Masumura

    I’m interested in little houses.

    Would like to learn about buying cheap lots and building tiny houses

    Could you help me?

  2. Mikayla Davis


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  4. Lei

    Hello, awesome!!! So awesome! How exciting. It looks like a gorgeous area. Would you mind sharing your exoerience on how to go about finding the listings?

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