Located less than 5 minutes from the noted “first tiny house friendly city” of Spur, Texas, the neighborhood cum municipality of Makerton is an intentional community of makers, explorers, off-gridders, and the like, who share a sort of Mad Max desire to live outside convention. They are similar people with distinct ideas. But what are they doing in the land of tumbleweed? What are they creating and why are they doing it from the dust up?

The maker culture is a contemporary culture or subculture that intersects with hacker culture (which is less concerned with physical objects as it focuses on software) and revels in the creation of new devices as well as tinkering with existing ones. While originally reserved for the techie type, the term has become a sort of nom-de-plume for anyone who hacks something or some idea with another in order to create something very new. In terms of Makerton, “makers are creators who like to play by tinkering in – and sometimes adding value to – the physical and virtual worlds we live in. From soldering custom circuit boards and 3D-printing to drawing with a backhoe and flying a homemade aircraft.” They are very much the odd neighbor across the street who is seen picking your dad’s garage garbage at 5am wearing little more than a bathrobe and a 3-day old beard scruff. But beyond that they are artists, creating in order to entertain themselves and the world around us. They are also the bedrock of Makerton. They design and build their own custom tiny/small homes. They are the driving force between the world popping up in the dust of Northwest Texas.

What about the pilots though? Where do they fit in?

Pilots are people who see even the open highway -U.S. Route 50, if you will – as still too restricting. They are explorers that want to see things for themselves and taste it with their own tongue. And what type of person experiences more freedom than a pilot, soaring effortlessly through the sky with no lane markers and no exit ramps. In the parameters of Makerton these are the residents that can live in the tiny house of their choice or that first their life and have the freedom to create or live in a manufactured sort of way, inside a kit house or pre-fab.

Lastly are the off-gridders who are those that thrive off self-sufficiency. They are the least likely to understand working when it means making a dollar for another human being. They would rather do it themselves than pay someone else to do it. They prefer the upfront cost of an energy system to the monthly payments of a grid existence. In Makerton these residents can claim access to potable water sources but they must be well off the grid in terms of utilities. As with the Pilot lots, custom owner-built homes are admired, but not required. Homes on wheels are also permitted though they must be secured against the wind.

Sounds creative, doesn’t it? It is every bit a tiny house community that is claiming a slice of Earth for its own. Makerton is inviting ‘Makers’, ‘Pilots’, and ‘Off-Gridders’ from across the planet to come to Texas and join the community. It is a neighborhood founded on mutual respect and common interests. Lots for building for building on range from $3,250 to $6,250 and will have access to power, internet, water, and sewage.

The entire residential property is located on 20.4 acres (about 940 ft squared on Highway 70). There are three types of lots available for up to 33 residences:

  • 16 Maker lots surrounding a central commons area with a buy-in of $3,250. 37′ front, 80′ deep, 66′ rear in an annulus shape of 4,142 square feet
  • 10 Pilot lots along the runway intended for live-in or live-beside hangars with a buy-in of $6,250. 60′ wide by 100′ deep in a 6,000 square foot rectangle
  • 7 Off-Grid lots along the Western edge with a buy-in of $5,000. 134′ wide by 162′ deep in a 21,748 square foot rectangle

All said, Makerton is a community of tiny houses. Neighbors will be best friends, your co-creators, partners, and more! Each lot will hold a seat on the Makerton board, participating in the organized growth of the community. While it may seem a bit like a hacked utopia, Makerton is a community of what could be up to 70 people. Ideas and values will be different with each resident but the desire to be respected and the call to respect will remain the same. Makerton is growing into a community where life, love, and adventure, can be shared, one for all and all for one.

To learn more about Makerton or how to become a resident, visit the Neighbors page.

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