These days there are a good number of folks interested in downsizing, minimalism, living green and of course, tiny house living. There are also quite a few that have already made the transition to tiny living. I asked some of them to summarize their thoughts on living in a tiny house and what it means to them.

It’s encouraging to hear the change and impact tiny living has made on these wonderful people. I’ll let you read what they had to say. Enjoy.

I didn’t move into my tiny house because of the tiny element, but rather because of the intentional community element we have going where I currently live. But I love my tiny house—I’ve never had the feeling that I needed any more space. It’s more economical to heat, it keeps me from accumulating too much stuff, and it gets me outside FAR more than I ever was when I lived in regular houses or apartments. Now I consider outside my living room, which doesn’t really make me feel like I’m living that tiny after all… 🙂

The being outside thing is probably the biggest deal for me, the biggest reason I can’t imagine living in a normal house again any time soon, if ever.

Nicolette Stewart
Click Clack Gorilla

The thing I have noticed most is the way I shop. Be it grocery shopping, or supply shopping. I avoid bringing anything into my house unless it is consumable or useful. Frivolous items have no intrinsic value in a small space. Another major thing I have noticed is that I am infinitely more aware of my moods and what affects them. Having a small home seems to amplify things that are essential to happiness and things that are not. I have come to love that.

Dreadnaught Darling

I love our neighbors. They’re warm, funny, and welcoming. I’m enjoying getting to know them better.

I love how the afternoon light spills through the French doors and how the sun casts a glow onto the orange leaves, making them sparkle.

In short, I love my house because it’s helped me notice the small details in every day life – things I used to ignore. When I lived in a big apartment, filled with a lot of stuff, I didn’t notice these little treasures because I was depressed and unhappy. Living in a small dwelling has changed that for me.

Rowdy Kittens

Having thoroughly enjoyed living an off-grid life for the last 21 years, collecting Vitamin D and electricity from the sun, wood to cook and to keep warm by, water from the sky and fish from the sea, what more could I ask for… a minimum amount of money and continued good health I guess to be able to enjoy a lot more years. Time and good health are two most precious things in life. In Thoreau’s words, “Success is not what you have but what you can love living without.”

The Flying Tortoise

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