Stephen Marshall has been building homes for the past 40 years. In the last several years he has focused on small and tiny houses by starting up his small company “Little House on the Trailer.” The company offers a nice lineup of small homes at reasonable prices. His showroom is open to anyone that is interested in taking a look at his available tiny homes for sale. While I haven’t seen his homes in person, I have been told by folks that they are built from the highest quality materials and are very well-constructed.

Little house On The Trailer offers quite a few design options, all with different uses in mind. Here are a few of them.

The guests houses are intended for accommodating guests, but can easily be used as a full-time tiny house residence since they have all of the amenities of a typical home, including a bedroom, bath, kitchen and living area.

The home care cottages were designed to be parked in a back yard and offer special assisted-living options such as a wheelchair ramp. They also can be parked in a back yard and used to house a caretaker.

The art studios available by Little House On The Trailer are in built to serve as an office and the layout and designs are completely customizable to fit your needs.

Called “A Room of Your Own”, these little structures on wheels can be used as a small office, yoga studio, guest room, a small space for privacy, or whatever else you have in mind. Stephen currently has one of these units on sale and is listing on the Tiny House Listings site here.

If you would like to learn more about Little House on The Trailer, you can visit their website here, or email Stephen here or give him a call at 415-233-0423.

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