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    How do you like this tiny house?

    Your print is faint and hardly legible. I’ve noticed this a lot on the net lately. But I’d like you to know that fom follows function. And it’s wise to show you know this since you’re building houses.
    Just a suggestion. Make it legible for people to read easily.
    Devices are often used and this typeface is very. Ad on devices or computers.

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    How do you like this tiny house?

    This seams like it might be a good fit . It’s only a matter of what I actually need. I am very ill and may need to relocate to N.C. from FL. I’m guessing getting it moved isn’t a big problem . Don’t know yet but it won’t be very long. It’s more than I want to spend , but safety is an issue. This not really a review but if I’m looking hard it’s because I’m very picky.

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    How do you like this tiny house?

    Yes, I am looking for a tiny house in the San Diego area. Please send me information . looking for prices of lots and rent on tiny home. thank you. Mary Nicolas. Please call me at 609-770-3685. thank you

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    How do you like this tiny house?

    Interested in 600 Sqft

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