If you grew up like I did, then you know alot about hand-me-down clothes, pork and beans, having very little money, starting your adulthood with a high school diploma and no money to speak of.

For you folks out there that can relate (there are lots of you) that basically start with nothing, the path to gaining financial independence or even getting control of your finances to where you feel you are somewhat in control is a tough one. For most folks who have a job of average means, turning the financial table in your favor requires a lot of work and diligence and even then isn’t guaranteed.

The largest expenses the average adult will incur are one’s housing the expenses associated with it.

A person whose childhood was similar to mine can in a sense, bypass much of the financial hardships most of us face by purchasing and living in a tiny home. This is done by drastically reducing their largest expenses.

Tammy and Logan of Rowdy Kittens live in their paid for tiny house in California which they have moved several times as life and work situations have changed.

Purchasing a tiny house with cash requires a lot of focus and most likely making some serious sacrifices (thought about getting a roommate?) considering a good number of folks’ income is equal to their expenses. Even so, this intense, focused effort requires much less work than paying for a house for 30 years or having a rent your entire adulthood.

Laura and Matt downsized from their 2,700 square feet home in Georgia to their 120 square feet tiny house in the mountains of North Carolina.

Even if tiny house living isn’t your ideal or preferred long-term housing solution, owning and living in one while keeping your expenses super-low will most likely help in providing the financial springboard needed to help have some financial control in your life.

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Steven Harrell is the owner and operator of Tiny House Listings and Tiny House Swoon. He became interested in the concept of tiny living in 2008 and shortly after began creating solutions for people interested in living a more simple and meaningful life.

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  1. John Daetwyler

    I Love the tiny home concept! I am widowed and planning to go it alone. I don’t need much room & want less house keeping.