Each Tiny House Siesta has it’s own unique features that set it apart.  Whether it is a 1st floor bedroom you seek, a 3 bedroom model, or a pet friendly tiny, we’re sure you’ll find one that will make your Tiny House Siesta a memorable experience that you will enjoy and cherish.

And so the story begins for Jeremy Ricci and Phil Falcone, two friends who fell in love with tiny house shows, and spent copious amounts of time thinking about what it might be like to actually live in one full time. Both guys love their current houses though and their lives and decided to let the dream stay just that. That was until they learned that an R.V. park right over the bridge from Siesta Key had an opening. “What’s the next best thing to living in a tiny house.” they asked themselves? Vacationing in one! Enter Amy.

The first tiny house to be parked at Tiny Siesta was the Amy, built by Lakeside Tiny Homes in Mississippi specifically for the rental resort in Sarasota, Florida. At 200 sq.ft., the house is available for nightly rental allowing people to try before they buy or – and perhaps most importantly – have a unique getaway to beautiful Siesta Key, Florida!

The Amy features crisp white walls, double hung windows (including 8 windows almost at ceiling height), and high ceilings, all contributing to the spacious feeling of the tiny house on wheels. The rich, golden trim around the house plays well against the walls giving the house a sophisticated feel matched only by the beautiful, yacht-like bathroom.

The Amy sleeps up to three people in its queen sleeping loft and two double bed arrangements. Prices start at just $134/night.

The story of Tiny Siesta does begin several years earlier though.

Ricci and Falcone have been buying vacation rentals in the Sarasota area since 2012. On a scouting mission one day the pair came across a double wide mobile home near the beach that had little more than a ‘for sale by owner’ placard. Ricci called the number and ultimately talked to the owner about the mobile. It quickly came into conversation that the owner of the mobile home was also the owner of the .7 acre tract that the unit sat on. The conversation quickly turned to the land and not so much the mobile home itself. A deal was in the making.

In 2016 at a Young Innovators Fair in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania a chance meeting with Deek Diedricksen prompted Ricci to think outside the box of normal rentals and adopt some of Diedricksens ideas on shanty shacks and humble homes. Coupled with their love of tiny house shows Ricci and Falcone quickly realized their .7 acres was perfect for a tiny house resort of sorts. NOW enter the Amy (see above).

After Amy entered the picture the pair contacted Modern Tiny Living and commissioned the build of the Blue Oasis and the Aqua Oasis. The two homes are nearly identical 28-foot THOWs with a main floor bedroom and two queen bedroom lofts, allowing for up to six guests at one time. They both also have distinctive double staircase providing easy access to sleeping lofts and storage space.

Within just months Tiny Siesta added Yellow Lifeguard Stand, Sandollar and the vintage Airstream. Most recently Tiny Siesta added the Red Lifeguard Stand, adding up to 7 total available rentals!
Ricci and Falcone hope to have their Tiny Siesta completely outfitted by mid-December and known as the only all-tiny house vacation resort in the country.
If you’re looking to rent at Tiny Siesta be sure to use the special Tiny House Listings code – THL10OFF – for a 10% discount.

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  1. Elizabeth A

    I love it!

    I am in Anna Maria and would love to talk with you

    really great idea !

  2. Mary E. Coudriet

    How much are these tiny homes to rent for a week? Who donI contact?

  3. Becky Perrella

    Very unique idea. Wishing you much success in your venture. Will keep you in mind when we are in your area.

  4. keepyourpower

    About the AMY, How is one to get do the drawers in that chest? And if you are supposed to stand on the 4 inch ledge protruding from under the Chest of Drawers, you are going to fall, and possibly die. What did they do, to make it safe, to use that Chest of Drawers?

  5. Kathy

    Where do I contact them for information about a rental

  6. Chelsea

    Those beds are entirely too close to the edge of that loft. I’m all for the tiny house movement but safety of people renting and buying these has to be first. I hope they go through a rigorous safety inspection before using these as rental units to anybody. Don’t get me started on the dresser!???? Must be just for decor. Please don’t let the tiny house movement become “Anything for a buck, type of thing.”
    Many units I see advertised are anything but what the movement was meant for, to give people in areas that NEED affordable housing but use as much “footprint” as you only need, a sustainable (as much as the person (s) are able to do on there own to sustain on there own), we all need to be true to that as much as possible.

  7. Mary C.

    I am looking for my first tiny home, all my kids are going and I need to down size from the apartment life and high prices. either already set up on property or in mobile home site. I have 3,000 to put down is there any one that help finance these homes.

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