In May of 2011 Kevin of Chester, VA reached a turning point in his life. For the previous 11 months his employer provided free housing to him which was scheduled to stop the month before. Having become accustomed the benefits of living without a monthly rent payment, Kevin decided to live in the back of his truck while deciding what his next living situation would be. Kevin was content with living in his truck until his uncle loaned him a copy of his “Small House Book” by Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

After reading the book Kevin decided that living in a tiny house on wheels was the right choice for him. He purchased a trailer for his tiny house to sit on and purchased plans from Tumbleweed and got to work.

One major obstacle Kevin had was finding a place where he could build his tiny house. He had the idea of leaving his copy of The Small House Book lying around his work for co-workers to read and become interested. Finally someone bit and allowed him to use her back yard as his tiny house build site.

Commissioning the help of family members and friends, Kevin and crew started the task of slowly building his tiny house as funds, help and materials became available.

I have family in the Chester area and will be visiting Kevin soon to checkup with him to see how his tiny house is coming along and will share the updates with you. Kevin also posted a tiny house parking wanted ad here. If you have space available in the Chester area, please touch base with him through his ad here.

If you’d like to learn more about Kevin’s tiny house build and follow him, you can checkout his blog here.

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