Kelle loves vintage trailers, so much so that she decided to start a website dedicated to bringing vintage trailer enthusiasts together.

Her interest in vintage trailers resulted in her purchasing a 1961 Shasta Compact trailer she calls “buttercup” that measures only 10 feet long. Her trailer is so lightweight that is can be pulled by almost any car. Here are some specs on her little Shasta Compact.

Name: Buttercup
DOB: 1961
Sex: Female (we checked (:)
Weight: 1100 lbs
Length: 10 ft box and 13ft including tongue
Color: yellow/white
Condition: Renovated/Excellent
Best Attribute: Overall cuteness factor
Pet Peeve: “Getting dirt on my exterior”.
Favorite Places: Anyplace where my family is.

Kelle’s 1961 Shasta Compact trailer.

When she first purchased the trailer the interior was drab and colorless. She felt the interior didn’t fit her personality so she began to give her Shasta Compact a much-needed makeover.

Kelle’s Shasta before renovation.

The Shasta after renovation.

You can visit Kelle’s website at to get some great info. on vintage trailers.

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  1. Jeanne Schwarz

    What is the price, and where is it??

  2. Cristen Rusch

    I love the color of your camper. I am about to repaint my camper and just love your color yellow. I was hoping you might remember. Great looking camper inside out. Thanks for sharing

  3. Edmundo Boswell

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