Last year at the April 2013 workshop which was hosted at my house in Wilmington, North Carolina I had the pleasure of meeting Graham. He’s a great guy based out of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, a small town in the Outer Banks.

He shared with me back then that he planned to start his own tiny house building company. Now, almost a year later he has built his first tiny house which is currently for sale and also launched his own tiny house building company called East Coast Tiny Homes.

In the past year or so, North Carolina has become somewhat of a hot bed for tiny houses here on the east coast with several new building companies being launched as well as a good amount of tiny house dwellers.

Graham’s first tiny house is a beauty of a home that is mounted on a trailer and has a 160 square feet footprint. The home literally has every amenity you’ll find in a regular-sized home. It also has cutouts in the ceiling and the floor that allow for additional storage that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Nice touch.

The Inaugural, East Coast Tiny Homes’ first tiny house built. You can see more photos of The Inaugural here.

Please take a moment to checkout East Coast Tiny Homes on Facebook and follow their progress. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more tiny homes from Graham and crew in the near future!

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  1. Karen Koehler-Cesa

    Hi there. I just found you in a google search and am wondering if you build tiny houses and if you are on the east coast. The company that I have liked the best for building a tiny house on wheels is in Oregon, and I need the tiny house in New Jersey. Please let me know if you can help.

    1. Rose Farmar

      Hi Karen,
      I am also in NJ! Have you had any luck?

  2. Jeanette Bowling

    Could you please get in touch with me.

  3. Mary OConnell

    I am moving to the Wilmington area in June 2016 and would like to discuss a tiny house.

    1. Ethan

      Any luck in Wilmington with a Tiny house? I plan on moving there next year with mine.

  4. K. O'Connor

    Looking for a very reasonable tiny home, East Coast, maybe near beach. Under $50,000 after 0ctober, 2016 please…

  5. Christina Forsythe

    Did you find any sources? I’m moving from California to New Hampshire and I’d like a tiny home, too. I can’t seem to find an outlet. Please let me know if you’ve found any outlets on the East Coast?

    [email protected]

    Christina Forsythe

  6. MargieJ

    Want to RENT a tiny home around the Outer Banks area this summer. Is that possible?

  7. Ginni Bly

    I have just found this through google. Have been watching Tiny House Nation. Very interested. Would very much like to talk to someone. Good news there’s someone here building tiny houses