Living in a community or neighborhood with like-minded people is very appealing to many people I have spoke with since becoming involved with tiny houses. A great benefit of living in a tiny house community is that each individual has a unique ability, experience or knowledge that can benefit everyone. Also the resources needed for a tiny house community are minimal and with some thought the community could be mostly or completely self-sustaining.

I recently posted a photo of an old abandoned train in a field on the Tiny House Listings Facebook Page. Using each individual train car as a tiny house was my idea for building a tiny house community. Of course each train car could be laid out on individual lots for privacy or they could remain attached. Since the railway cars have already been built, you would be using almost all reclaimed materials.

My idea for a tiny house community.

I asked others on Facebook what their ideas were for a tiny house community. Here are the responses of those that provided their ideas.

“I worked the Christmas Train in my town this past December, mainly on the caboose. I couldn’t help but think how cool of a house that would make.” – Sedley.
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“Tiny houses in the woods…Gypsy Style.” – Kenny.
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“I want 50 acres to put everyone I love in little self sufficient houses of their choice with a clubhouse to meet up and hang out when we wanted to and plenty of room to keep from killng each other when we didn’t wanna hang out.” – Rhonda

“I like the idea of yurts in a circle like a wheel with a common area for all.” – Dorothy.
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“My sister & I invision main/gathering house with a few upstairs rooms for visitors…bed & breakfast style. No Tiny house would be in sight of another. Shared garden. Spontaneous events. Shared talents…” – Jan
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” I’d like a tiny house community on a lake here in Florida!” – Dorian

“How about a Tiny House Community set up like an IC with a main ‘shared’ house/area and individual Tiny Houses where we all could have our “own space”” – Joe
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“How bout a circle down south with a pool in the middle also rec. room with pool table for the men other in for ladies to play cards or what ever . also have close to wal marts with ever one having golf cart, for shopping. if some one does this let me know will sign up” – Jorine

“So many people with the same love for others, I am impressed. I have 70 acres I bought 25 years ago, and in the back of my mind even back then , I would have enough space for my few friends to come live! I have a couple friends finally liking the idea as the world gets more corrupt! I wish I had friends like you that thought alike! If I had the money I would just put up the cabins and wait for the right friends to show up!” – Carol

For a tiny house community, I imagine a series of moss/earthed over hobbit-hole type homes nestled into the hills, so no ones home looks directly into another’s. The structures would generally be improved with salvaged/repurposed/harvested from the earth materials. Permaculture/Forrest gardens line and shade the road paths winding amongst the hills. Big fire pit/community kitchen at the foot of the hills. Water and wind power sources. All my friends are there.

“Airstream trailers connected with giant tunnels of PVC tubes. I’d call it the Habitrailer!” – Rachel

“A more modern version is the use of standard steel shipping containers made into modular homes that can be connected and/or stacked.

That being said, you could put the “container homes” on rail cars. You could have double high stacked homes. You could have motor home “pop-outs”. Perhaps you could have a train of cars that would keep on the move around the country, allowing the occupants to see the US, Canada, and maybe even Mexico at different parts of the year. Could even stop and spend 3 or 4 months at at time in various locations voted on by the “residents” of the train. They wouldn’t need to own the locomotives, just contract them to move them.

You could just have a few “trailer park” sites you used. You’d get to a site, have a semi and crane unload the containers and take them to the “trailer park”. Thus you’d just rent rail cars for moves. This system could be cheaper than using a motor home. And you don’t have two homes – you just move your home. Some homes could be made of multiple containers…” – Norm

“I looked at a caboose for sale in Pennsylvania on eBay last night. I think they wanted $3500, and it was in kinda rough shape. I still see wood & coal- burning caboose stoves on Craigslist, they are designed to be bolted to the floor & have fail-proof doors so that there’s no chance of hot coals coming out & catching the caboose on fire while it’s moving & rocking.

Seeing this photo reminds me of various relatives and acquaintances that have mentioned over the years about making a “tiny house village” where we would all live in community, sharing tools & effort, pooling resources, community kitchen for canning & big meals, with a meeting house area attached, etc, in order to basically live out the rest of our years & let the world go nutz without us. The idea was to have community-owned vehicles, like a 1-ton 4wd pickup with a snow-plow, 15-passenger van for shopping, school bus to be used as a moving van & for taking everyone along to the beach, little high mpg cars available in case someone has to travel, & whoever has to go furthest takes the newest one that gets the best mpg, etc. Lotsa details to work out but certainly do-able. Protect the individual’s privacy & family autonomy, while also protecting the community. Have a charter so that the community can outlive the members.” – Eric

“Hi! I’m thinking a vagon-comunity in a little unused train station…a train-lifestyle!” – Daniele
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  1. Lori Taylor

    Why don’t all of you get together, pool your resources and build this type of community? I’ve had the same ideas for years, it would be a great way to live, everyone would have support and costs of living would be drastically reduced. You could grow your own food, make your own personal contributions to the community in whatever talents you have and participate or not, depending on how you feel that day! Independence and community all at the same time!!

  2. Margie

    I am looking for an investor/developer for a Tiny Home community in Southwest FL.
    I have researched some large parcels of land that I think would be perfect.
    Please contact me if interested!a

  3. Cricket

    I really think we will see more of this in the future as the costs of living skyrocket. My hubby and I have discussed this idea with one of our sons & his wife. Sad that today’s society has lost that closely-knit sense of community that our ancestors shared in generations past.

  4. kelly

    I have 3 acres of free and clear land with a old septic and well….
    I’m interested in building a village for maybe single moms? With low rent and possibly having a solar system for the electrity….
    Any advice would be great!




  5. chris cantele

    I’m interested in hearing more about this.

  6. Kerri Carruth

    I’m a single mom and I’m fascinated with Tiny House Living . I’m trying to relocate to provide for my family without any luck so far. I am very interested in the above mentioned tiny home community. I read about one in Flat Rock NC and Portland, OR. I’m very interested . – Kerri

  7. Cindy Sands

    To Jorine: There is a community in Florida with rec centers, pool and town squares. Houses close together though, but everyone drives golf carts to the stores. Wal Mart included. It’s called The Villages. Csands



  8. Lorrie

    Can a person just buy a plot of land (like in Illinois) and put a few tiny houses on it or are there all kinds of rules? I would like to have maybe 4 tiny houses (not on wheels) with water and septic. And a main spot for outdoor gathering. If anyone has any information on how to go about this…..thank you!

  9. Laura Hughes

    My friend and I are brainstorming ideas to build a tiny house community for people in need in Gainesville, Florida. I’m searching for an unincorporated areas with a bus stop near by. Any extra ideas and advice would be helpful.

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