by Andrew Odom

The state of the real estate market is one that has left many of us wondering if we will ever truly own a house. Even with a mortgage on your tax return, a loan with your local bank, and a promissory note for the next 30 years, it often seems like we are destined to be little more than mislabeled renters. Perhaps that is why the modern tiny house movement has become so appealing to hundreds of thousands of Americans over the last 7-8 years. But as the movement becomes more popular and more widely accepted the reality of actual purchase prices of these miniature mansions becomes more real. Who has $35k at their disposal without the help of a lender? In 2010 we certainly didn’t.

“Yessir. I understand. Thank you for your time. You see, we’re building a tiny house by ourselves? Tiny? Yessir. 240 square feet actually. We’re hoping to construct it out of non-traditional home construction materials and we have identified your company and your product as being one that will not only offer us the structural integrity we need but will also be attractive right “out of the box.” It would be great to have you on board.” And thus began our venture into gaining corporate partnerships and sponsorships for our Tiny r(E)volution.

For over 11 years now I have been in online marketing and advertising and when it came time to build our tiny house I couldn’t help putting my trade to work. I knew there was money out there. I knew there were companies that wanted to penetrate the walls of the “next big housing market.” And so I took it upon myself to make cold calls, send countless emails, talk to dozens of receptionists, and Skype my way in to the offices of project managers, marketing agents, corporate heads, and special teams coordinators. In Your Name Here I give you the secrets to our success. There is not disguising my intentions. I want you to find a way to recognize your dreams and build your tiny house and I want you to do it without having to auction off your first born!

Andrew Odom’s tiny house in North Carolina. You can see more photos of his and his family’s home on Tiny House Swoon here.

Over the course of its pages Your Name Here offers advice on building online communities, presenting companies with ROI initiatives, making solid campaign strategies, hosting hands-on events, and gaining those essential partners. You’ll find templates, step-by-step instructions, and personal anecdotes as well as testimonies by other well-known tiny housers. The time is now and the tool is this book.

You can pickup your copy of Andrew Odom’s new book on how to gain corporate sponsors for your tiny house build here.

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  1. Christine R. Mukabane

    indeed i need your help to own one.

  2. Angela Touchton

    I need help to own my own tiny house, I don’t know where else to turn and I know living on a budget I’ll never have my own place. Thank for any help you can do.