I knew about this book long before it was available to the public. I helped Drew with some editing and he even asked me to provide the forward. So, before I go into my review, I thought you should know that I had some involvement. That being said, the book is extremely useful for anyone considering or building a tiny home. It touches on an aspect of tiny house living that nothing else has so far. There are lots of books about building but not as many about decorating the space to live within. I think this is an extremely important part of the process and one any tiny house builder or dreamer should consider.

Right from the beginning you will notice how beautifully this eBook is designed. Everything from the layout to the font choices combine to make a great visual experience. Even though this is an eBook, it has all the style of a coffee table book. One you could easily leave out and let your guests peruse at their leisure.
I was excited to see guest sections from some prominent tiny house dwellers, like Malissa Tack of Tiny Tack House. These guest chapters give readers another perspective on decorating and living in a tiny house. Information like that is always invaluable. It is good to read what others have already done.

My favorite is the section on colors. I love color and do everything in my power to have a lot of it everywhere I go. We chose green for our tiny house but I’ve also decorated small spaces in autumn tones. Color isn’t just about splashing some paint on the wall or buying a comforter for your bed. It really does change your entire state of mind and provides a backdrop for your daily life. You want to make sure you chose colors wisely.

Another great section in How to Decorate a Tiny House discusses multi-use furniture. In such a small space it is difficult to have a chair that is just a chair. Everything needs to have function and Drew shares a lot of great information about how you can use these pieces to add both comfort and utility to your tiny home.

As someone who already lives in their tiny house, books about building them no longer appeal to me. There was a time when those were the only books on my shelves, but now I’m more interested in living in my tiny home – and only buying books electronically. How to Decorate a Tiny House is perfect for both the tiny house dweller and tiny house builder and can give dreamers a chance to understand how their home can look once it is built. You can buy your copy of Drew’s eBook here.

Laura is a contributing writer for Tiny House Listings and she walks the walk. She lives in a 120 square foot cabin in Asheville, NC that she and her partner Matt built themselves. You can learn more about Laura and Matt at their website 120squarefeet.com.

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