Housetrucks come in all shapes and sizes and are found all over the world. If you’re new to what the concept of a housetruck is, it’s simply a truck where the bed or storage area has been removed (usually) and in it’s place a living area has been installed.

What’s great about a housetruck is that they are usually hand made and are more sturdy and are typically built from higher-quality materials than a mass-produced motorhome. Trying to peg down a housetruck into a certain description of category is literally impossible because they are so diverse and come in so many flavors. Some have small 4-cylinder engines while others are rolling behemoths built to accommodate an entire family. Then there is everything in between.

An excellent book I recommend on housetrucks is “Some Turtles Have Nice Shells” by Roger Beck. You can purchase it on Amazon here.

Here are some photos for you to get an idea of what housetrucks are all about and just how much they vary. Enjoy.

Mitsubishi Canter housetruck. Isuzu and Kia also make small work trucks such as these that would be ideal for converting to a housetruck if you only need limited space and efficiency is a priorty.

Bohemian style housetruck. Photo credit birdlovergirl.

John Labovitz’s housetruck built on an Isuzu NPR. You can learn more about John’s housetruck here.

Housetruck interior. Photo credit dodgebus.

While it seems that most housetrucks are built by individuals, there are a few companies and builders out there building housetrucks with the intention of selling them. My most favorite is Rob Scott of Studio trucks. You can view his work on their Flickr stream here.

Permanent housetruck. Photo credit Black Flora.

Permanent housetruck interior. Photo credit Black Flora.

Photo credit Studio Trucks.

Housetruck on the cheap.

Glen has lived in his housetruck for over 14 years in Golden Bay, New Zealand. Photo credit

Model T Housetruck conversion.

Really big housetruck with a lookout deck on top. Photo credit RaVeNHeathen.

You can more about this excellent firetruck converted into a housetruck here.

Housetruck at night. Photo credit dodgebus.

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