Up until about two years ago no practical home owner gave a second thought to home automation. The idea of deadbolts that locked and unlocked themselves with just a touch seemed ridiculous. Home security cameras were for the über-rich. A home that warms itself up on those cold evenings just before you pull in your driveway after work? Psh, I say. Psh! But that school of thought was annihilated when the Roomba robot vacuum was introduced on QVC and hundreds of thousands of homemakers put down the Dyson and watched the iRobot in action!


For those who didn’t grow up watching the Jetsons, home automation makes doing basic tasks around the home easier. For example, instead of walking around turning off lights, a button can be pressed on a control panel, your iPad, or even your smartphone, to turn off all the lights in your home. Thermostats can be programmed to automatically adjust the temperature at certain times. You can even set alarms to notify you when there is water in your basement or someone is at your door. And that doesn’t even cover the home protection arena wherein you can monitor your house while away as in the case of Bryce Harlow in San Antonio. The term home automation really just means a home where multiple systems are automated such as audio, video, lighting, climate, surveillance, etc., with a single, easy-to-use interface. And as noted, this technology is no longer for the wealthy. Products such as the Nest ecosystem, the Apple HomeKit, Lowe’s Iris system, and the Belkin system, are all reasonably priced for complete automation.


But how does this technology apply to tiny houses? Who needs home automation in a house that is barely 200 sq.ft.? Just ask Mario Soto of the Lime Chili tiny house who installed a mini-split HVAC unit controlled by his iPhone, LED mood lighting controlled by his iPhone, keyless entry controlled by his iPhone, and even outdoor lights controlled by his iPhone, into his Tumbleweed Cypress 20. In fact, just recently on Tiny House, Big Living, a home was built with several home automation tools including a video doorbell.

Just because your house is a little less square footage than others doesn’t mean it has to be a little less cool!

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  1. Garth

    A major thing that interests me in tiny houses is to live more simply. Home automation does not qualify.