It’s no secret that heating your home with wood is a lot more cost effective than heating with other forms like propane or electricity. With a small or tiny space, it makes even more sense because so much less fuel is required. I like heating with wood because the mechanism to do so is very simple and the chance of it breaking or causing on-going expenses is highly-unlikely. After all, a wood stove is simple a box designed to radiate heat.

Since we’re on the subject of cost, I came across the $79 wood stove you’re about to see (quick video overview below) after digging around trying to find a cheapo wood stove to heat my 4’x16′ off-grid cabin in Eastern, North Carolina. Since I got the land for super cheap and I built the cabin on a tight budget, it only made since that the wood stove carry the same cost-conscious theme.


Behold, the $79 wood stove by HQ Issue. Buy one for yourself here.

Here’s a quick video of me using it, explaining it and my opinion on it. Enjoy!

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  1. Annie

    I’d seen outside stoves used inside in other articles, but I’ve never seen any reason as to why they can’t be used inside. If I had one installed into my thow (which isn’t going anywhere once I park that sucker!), will I have a problem with authorities? I’d love to have an answer for that one.

  2. Ken

    Well, I already see a couple of fire hazards. Having that flue going through your plastic ceiling for one. Then only a sheet of corrugated metal separating the stove from the wall. You can still set your wall on fire.

  3. Phyllis Mayberry

    There’s not enough room for ashes


    Wonderful stove, and I’m glade it worked out for him…! I do however do not suggest that you use this stove until you read and understand all the information that comes with it before you decide to go ahead and light it up the first time… Remember that he did say this stove was meant for out door use… These stoves can cause death and or bad health risks if you do not know what you are doing… Also make sure you do have some way to bring in fresh air as well as this my cause carbon monoxide poisoning if you are not careful….! So please be careful….!