Very seldom in today’s modern tiny house movement does a house come along that just leaves one with mouth agape. It’s craftsmanship, artisanship, vision, and overall aesthetic are without reproach. One of those moments comes though when Handcrafted Movement is called to attention. Hailing from Battleground, Washington, this collective of specialists is relatively unknown in the tiny house world but perhaps only because their portfolio is so rich in detail and so wrought with customization. Both their 26′ Urban Craftsman tiny house on wheels and their 24′ Artists Retreat tiny house on wheels, are no slouches and simply defy what is commonly accepted as a tiny house on wheels. From the use of multiple materials on the exterior (which blend wood and metal) to the raw edged wood and copper accents inside, their flagship tiny houses are superior.

Urban Craftsman Model

Created by Matt Impola, the Handcrafted Movement was born out of a desire to pursue excellence and creativity. It is much more than just a workshop for creating products. In Impola’s own words, “[it] is about questioning the status quo and finding a more excellent way in all that we put our head, heart and hands to”. Handcrafted America is locked in on playing a role in the rebirth of American ingenuity and quality in manufacturing; something they are doing in a number of ways. Their online gallery spotlights product packaging, skateboards, furniture, and even entryways; all done with precision and style.

Impola is also quick to point out, “There is something magical and life giving about transforming raw materials into functional art. In a world of homogeneous overproduction I strive to go against the grain and alter the natural materials as little as possible. I’m equally interested in form and function so strive to make beautiful objects that will work well in the real world for years to come. I enjoy finding ways to integrate multiple mediums in what I create such as wood, leather, glass, metal and live plants.”

Urban Craftsman Model

Those integrations are especially found in the Urban Craftsman tiny house. It seems almost impossible that the home is only 26′ in length. Upon entry one immediately notices the rich picture frame molding painted a deep Venetian blue. Set against salvaged barnwood edges and crisp, white window frames and molding, the Craftsman entry is more richly detailed than most traditional ‘sticks n bricks’ houses. This says nothing of the kitchen with its deep, farmhouse sink, copper fixtures, antique stove, and white subway tile in a houndstooth pattern. It is easy to imagine standing in front of the oven, waiting for a basted turkey to finish, with the smells of cranberry sauce and oyster stuffing filling the air, wine in hand, and a fire gently cracking across the room.

The sleeping loft and bathroom are equally impressive although less showy. They are both spotless in finish, roomy, and light and airy. There are splashes of copper accents, intelligent uses of salvaged wood, and compliments of mosaic tile. Using the restroom in a tiny house has never been such a pleasure!

Urban Craftsman Model

While the Handcrafted Movement is booked through 2017, their energy and creativity is worth the wait and their vision is inspiring from any angle.

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  1. Noelle and Matt Stock

    Fantastic article highlighting the brilliant builders, Matt Impola and his team of artisans. We couldn’t agree with you more! Their craftsmanship and attention to detail is unparalleled in the growing world of tiny house builders. After 3 years of seriously considering the reality of living tiny, we were inspired to take the plunge when we saw the beautifully designed Urban Craftsman for the first time on Tiny House Listings. It is an inspiring piece of work. So inspiring that we bought it! We are the proud new owners of the Urban Craftsman. We are minimizing our life to fit into 290 sq.ft. and focusing on quality not quantity. All the while, simplifying life and reducing our carbon footprint. Many thanks to Matt Impola and his talented team as well as Tiny House Listings!

  2. Joan McLaughlin

    Do you have any in the Northeast???
    I would sell my craftsman to live in this lovely home.

  3. Nicolette DeFilippi

    I am interested in finding out more about the cost.

  4. Renee Rogers

    I like the Craftsmanship in this house it’s Awesome ! Do you make a house for people with disabilities or Seniors ? If so I would be most interested in seeing what it would look like !

  5. Emily

    Where’s the pictures? and the specifics? and the prices? If it’s copper pipes in one place, it has to be all the way through, or there’s problems.


    How can anyone buy something that they know nothing about, because the pic’s don’t detail, and your printed review has nothing indicating the price, so what are we supposed to do here…? As for the molding and picture frame walls , it a very simple application to duplicate, that anyone could do with a $5.00 miter box … And Sherwin Williams has thousands of colors to chose from…! Do you think Venetian blue was invented by you…?

  7. AB

    All you have to do is click the link in the writeup it’s in Green “Handcrafted Movement” it will go to the builders website and a ton of photos are available as well as the pricing. Calm down the negativity folks geesh….it’s gorgeous!

    1. Maureen C. Allen

      Thinking the same thing! Testy bunch, and impolite.

  8. Nancy Adelman

    Hi ,
    Can you please send me a number where I can call you and see what you might have available now.
    Thanks so much


  9. Leilani Williams

    Click on the link meanie ^^^ . I think its perfectly written. Thank you for sharing. I love it!

  10. Donna Olson

    This has been posted before, Ive seen it in great detail, it’s an amazing tiny house. I remember it well due to the purple leather coach. If I’m remembering correctly. Why did you take down all the fabulous detailed photos?

  11. John Shannon

    No information ! Price is significant, and detailed information, if you are not willing to post something must be wrong!

  12. Clay

    The previous replies are laughable! The purpose of the article is to bring attention to the rare few true artisans within the industry. Prices? Pics? I think the link to the website that was included in the post would better answer those questions. People are quick to downplay the time, creativity and skill it takes to produce a high quality product without including pics/links/pricing of their own creations!
    Great job Andrew! Handcrafted Movement definitely deserves to be noticed.

  13. eddy

    I don’t think it’s for sale, it’s just a filler article. I’ve seen this advertised before as a THOW normally is, not like this, on this site, it’s beautiful and has many gorgeous features. I think it was pricey, if I’m not mistaken something like $75, 000, but I’m can’t be sure. It is a beautiful home .