I was in the airport waiting to fly out to Saskatoon when I heard back from a young tiny houser that I hoped to interview while visiting the city. I had sent a message previously but she did not get it right away, so I was very relived when I saw that she had written back. Still, when Lydia wrote back, I was sadly disappointed. This is because she is wintering in New Zealand and obviously not available to meet me in Saskatoon in February.

It did not take me long to realize that she is a perfect example of how keeping the cost of your housing down allows you the freedom and choices that average income earners may not have if they are tied to rent or a mortgage. Lydia has opted to skip away from winter in cold Saskatoon and enjoy the wonderfully warm climate if New Zealand. It is not simply a pleasure trip. In fact, she and her partner have gone to learn about permaculture and sustainable agriculture. They are making much of the trip in a small van with a cool roof tent. This is the second winter that she has moved away from Saskatoon in the winter. Not a bad idea, since the average daytime temperature appears to be about -25C (-13F)

Lydia’s van that she uses to travel New Zealand in.

Lydia’s tiny house in Canada.

It is having a tiny house (and therefore no rent and almost no utilities) that enables them to make what she describes as ‘unreasonably long’ trips. It is interesting for me that Lydia’s tiny house is used in the same way my own is. Similarly, she leaves, in October, and will return in April. Though, we clearly have different arrangements as to how we chose to spend the winter, we have both opted, for now to take the winter away.

Enjoying good weather.

Living in a tiny house means also enables Lydia and her partner to save their income and put this toward buying some land of their own. Arable land is very expensive in Canada, so I am sure they will have a lot of saving to do if they intend to live without debt.

Handing out in a house truck home in New Zealand.

Further to financial freedom, saving money and the ability to travel, having a house on wheels allows them flexibility of location. This spring, in fact, they will take advantage of this flexibility. They will be moving their tiny house to British Columbia in May.

Taking in some scenery.

Unfortunately this time frame means that I won’t have the opportunity to meet her and see her house in person, but Lydia has agreed that when I arrive home she will provide me with photos and do an interview on Skype. So I will follow up on the house that allows this young woman the opportunity to be living the dream.

What do you think? Could you see yourself living a similar lifestyle?

Laura Moreland is a contributing writer for Tiny House Listings.  She lives in a tiny woodland cottage near Kingston Ontario with a pack of dwarf dogs.  Her woodsman ensures that she never accept apples from old ladies.  You can learn more about Laura through her website “Tiny House Ontario” here.

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