In the television network rush to cash in on the hottest trends, Animal Planet combined a bit of “star power” (Edwin McCain, singer and songwriter) with tiny houses, and boats.

McCain is best known for his 1998 slow-dance hit “I’ll Be.” but when he is home in South Carolina he runs a boat-restoration business. That business is the subject of the short-lived, six-episode show Flipping Ships.  A number of the ships flipped are found abandoned, complete with overgrown vegetation coming up through the floor, etc. The team does what reality show team do. They re-imagine the vessel, put in long hours restoring them or building them, and then deliver them to overwhelmed clients.

In episode 3 the team took what appeared to be a long-lost Avion slide-in truck camper (circa late 1960s) and re-imagined it as a boat. The client couple is one that enjoys camping, a bit of creature comforts, and a whole lot of WOW! factor. What they got filled all of those requirements as the boaterhome was given a great polish and buff restoring it to its original stainless steel skin as well as adding a rooftop deck and some slick appointments like gator skin upholstery on the front seats, a custom paint job (appropriately titled “The Happy Camper”), and beautifully colored, stainless steel interior cabinets and kitchenette. The appliances were replaced with retro ones to complete the vintage look. The above-cab sleeping loft is perfect for a queen size bed and appears to be comfortable enough to help the owners forget they are “roughing it.”

While the boaterhome may be only about 80-100 sq.ft. with little more than a bed area and a kitchen/living room as well as a small wet bath in the rear of the boat, it is indeed a tiny house that won’t be overlooked by many!

That kind of tiny house have you thought up? What would you re-imagine into a hybrid tiny house? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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  1. John M. Walsh

    Loved the show Edwin did. Wish it was still on. I enjoy his music as well. He is very talented. BRING BACK THE SHOW EDWIN!!!

  2. Bobby Armstrong

    i Also have 2 Avion travel trailers they were and still are the best built,have a avion camper .they were 1966 and later .Mine is for sale but it sits on a trailer ,campers are a little heavy and require a long bed [email protected]