by Steven Harrell

One of the beauties of the tiny house movement and the folks who have taken the tiny plunge is the amazing assortment of different shapes, sizes, colors, types, styles and designs of tiny houses out there.

Daily, I receive emails with photos from folks wanting to share their homes on Tiny House Swoon with others to boast their hard work and hopefully inspire others.

What never ceases to amaze me is the little touches and unique ideas almost every tiny house dweller decides to incorporate into their build. Whether it’s a cool idea for a bathtub that fits snuggly in the space it resides, or a pantry that drops down from the ceiling for extra storage. The same is often true with folks who build tiny houses for a living. What’s often the exact opposite is when you enter a traditional home built within the last couple decades. The goal of the builder was one thing…finish it and move on to the next one. I’m not saying this is the case with all traditional homes, just most of them.

So to celebrate the weird, unique, funky and inspiring ideas we so oftentimes see in tiny house builds, I thought I’d do a quick roundup of some unique/quirky ideas share on Tiny House Swoon over the past couple years. Enjoy!


Need a front porch tub? Need a front porch tub with privacy? Wrap a cloth tarp around a metal frame and get to soaking. This tub is on the front porch connected to a 1950 Brandstrator trailer used as guest quarters. Check it out here.

Gnomadik Micro Cottage

A good number of folks have elected to go simple with the plumbing in their homes, including their kitchen. The Gnomadik Micro Cottage incorporates a simple system where gravity allows water to travel up and into the sink in an elegant and practical manner. You can see it in action here at The Tiny House Listings YouTube Channel. While you’re there be sure to subscribe!

The Inaugural

Running out of storage space? There’s some right above you! The Inaugural tiny house by East Coast Tiny House makes use of ceiling above it and below the loft via a clever dropdown pantry. Pull down on the string, grab what you need and put it back up. Checkout the rest of The Inaugural here.

Hercules Caravan

Nothing says “funky” like taking some old cinema seats, mounting them to the floor and calling them your dining chairs. Lots more photos of The Hercules Caravan can be seen on Tiny House Swoon here.

The Rock Bottom

Some folks use peep holes to lookout through their front door. Deek from Relax Shacks uses doggy lookouts. Yes, the circle you see on the front door allows our feline and K-9 buddies to see what’s going on outside, inside. Deek was nice enough to share more photos here.

If you liked this post, please tell me in the comments and I’ll do another one like it in the near future!

Steven Harrell is the owner and operator of Tiny House Listings and Tiny House Swoon. He became interested in the concept of tiny living in 2008 and shortly after began creating solutions for people interested in living a more simple and meaningful life.

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