Recently Dan Price, author of The Moonlight Chronicles sent me a copy of his new book “My Tiny House” to read. I loved it! I first learned about Dan Price though my good friend Kent Griswold’s website Tiny House Blog. When Kent published the article about Dan Price I immediately told him it was my favorite post on his site, ever! Maybe after you learn about Dan Price you’ll feel the same?

Dan’s story is pretty amazing. For over two decades he has been living simply. Very simply. He has lived in a tipi, a handmade willow hut and a handmade cabin. Since his lifestyle requires little money, he is able to travel extensively and live life on his own terms. For work Dan hand draws and prints his Moonlight Chronicles series which has gained a large following.

10 years ago Dan decided to build an underground home made from wood and earth and has been living in it since.

Click the image to view larger.

Here is a great video of Dan and shows a tour of his home and an idea of what life is like living so simply.

Dan recently completed a small ebook called “My Tiny House” that details how he built his home so those interested in building something similar or are just curious how it was built will know how. The cost is 5 bucks and you can purchase it here.

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