This week’s Creative Tiny House comes from Tiny Texas Houses, a Texas-based tiny house building company. Their amazing little homes are built almost completely from salvaged materials and are pre-built in their warehouse then shipped to almost anywhere.

The Cowboy Cottage measures 12′ x 28′ in size and is the full time residence of a young couple and their young son. The cottage has two lofts, each used as a bedroom. It also has two porches. The front porch is used as a small sitting area and the back porch is screened in for some bug-free outdoor time. The one bathroom is a full bath and features a cast iron antique tub.

What strikes me about this home is how such a small home can have such a cozy feel and doesn’t sacrifice comfort for size.

If you are interested in having Tiny Texas Houses build you a home, they can be contacted by phone at (830)-875-2500 or emailed via the form on their website located here.

Here are some photos of The Cowboy Cottage, enjoy.

Do you have a creative tiny house you’d like to share and also get a little recognition for yourself? You can submit it here.

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  1. Monica Koziol

    I love this, but can not climb ladders.