Keith purchased his 1977 Bedford Bus back in 2007 with the idea of living in it off-the-grid full-time. Living off the grid is nothing new to Keith. He has been at it for the last 21 years, living mostly on boats and finally making it to land with the purchase of his bus named “The Flying Tortoise.”

The Flying Tortoise has a slew of unique features to help make living on his 131 square feet bus more comfortable and certainly more interesting. After looking at some of the images of Keith’s bus, it’s apparent that alot of thought and creativity have gone into his tiny home.

Keith’s electrical needs are handled by three solar panels supplying 335 watts of power to charge his battery bank. The bus is wired with eighteen cigarette lighter sockets to power his electrical devices such as his laptop and media center. There is a dropdown table mounted to the side of the bus for outdoor picnics.

The “master bedroom” is equipped with rolling blinders for privacy, a full-length storage area over the bed and a view of the salad and herb garden mounted on the back of the bus.

Keith’s office and media setup only take up a small amount of space. His table can accommodate up to six people.

The kitchen galley has many of the things you’d see in a typical kitchen, just compacted. The water is pressurized by a hand pump from water containers located beneath the sink. The Flying Tortoise holds a total of 50 liters of water.

Keith has a special 30 liter water unit mounted over a small wood stove to heat water for his showers.

Keith built a simple folding shower that folds and unfolds into the bus’s door and takes up literally no room and offers privacy when taking a shower. Water is siphoned by a small bilge pump from his fire-heated hot water reservoir and the grey water simply runs onto the ground.

Keith subscribes to many of Henry David Thoreau’s beliefs of living simple and is able to live a comfortable, simple-living lifestyle. Keith’s blog, named after his bus can be found here.

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