I was recently sent these photos of a wooden yurt and other supporting buildings that serves as a family retreat for a family in the Adirondacks.

The retreat’s main structure is a wooden yurt that serves as the sleeping quarters for the family. There is also a barrel sauna, a hot tub, a tool shed, and a kitchen shed. Once you take a look at these photos it becomes apparent that this family wanted to really enjoy the most from there wooded retreat and I’d say they did a great job at doing so.

You can click each image for a larger view. Enjoy…

The family enjoying their paradise in the woods.

The yurt’s interior.

Barrel sauna.

The new tool shed being built.

The separate kitchen shed.

About to take a dip in the fire heated hot tub.

Plank bridge to the yurt.

Cooling down after a sauna session.

Photo credits Zach Klein.

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