Victor Summers of Simple Shelter Texas creates simple, off-the-grid cabins in remote areas across the United States. A beautiful example of his cabins is this sleeping cabin made completely of reclaimed materials that sits on 40 remote acres in California.

The materials used to build the sleeping cabin were never meant to be used together, but the cabin’s design gives a sense that they indeed were. The cabin also has a meditation room that is a separate structure along with a pump house that was built to look like the cabin itself. The cabin’s design was inspired by the Shinto Temples of Japan.

With a added primitive kitchen and composting toilet along with the existing water supply, this little cabin would be ideal for long vacations or full time living. Here are some photos of Victor’s California sleeping cabin.

The California Sleeping Cabin is made completely from reclaimed materials with the exception of the tin roof.


The cabin’s base is made from old 24″ utility poles.

Materials used to build the cabin were gathered up from previous builds.

The cabin also has a separate structure which serves as a “meditation room.”

The meditation room along with the water pump house.

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If you would like to learn more about Simple Shelter Texas designs, you can visit Victor’s website at

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