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  1. Chris

    I am very eager to get a hold of the seller of the 1981 Converted School Bus For Sale in Florida. I see no way to contact the seller. Please advise. Thank you.

  2. Janice Ashworth


    Love Tiny House Listings – unfortunately – since the website went through some revamping a short time ago – I have not been able to open any listings when I open the site in Google. When I click on a listing to open – it starts to open the listing then freezes and the site crashes.
    I had to download google chrome to have the listings open. I do not know if it is just me or if others are having this issue. Very happy they open in Chrome at least……
    Merry Christmas to all!

  3. Lisa E.

    Steven: For weeks now there has been a problem on this site. We post a comment relating to the pictures we are being shown above, only to have those comments end up being posted to some other listing that has nothing to do with our comments or the original picture we were addressing.

    This has gone on and on. Why hasn’t anyone taken care of this? Where is everyone?
    Where is Alex, Kurt and yourself? Is everyone out on extended holiday vacation or something? Or have you all just quit the Tiny House Movement and are just letting the technology run it (and amok.)

    Seriously, you need to address this. People are just going to drift away if you don’t do something about these wandering posts. If you don’t care, why should anybody else? You are going to end up killing the TH movement by neglect if you don’t take care.

    For pity sake, DO SOMETHING to straighten this out.

    Thank you!

    Lisa E.

    1. Ernie Pease

      Lisa, Giving bad reviews for the way this website opperates is not nice, if you want to review a seller, then make a comment reflecting the workmanship of the seller. Please don’t dis a seller for a problem with this website. When limited space is available, and too many photos are posted, the site automatically limits the photos shown. If you ask for photos, any one of us listers would be happy to not only send you all of the photos posted but to take new photos just for you.

  4. esiodgvn

    Seriously guys! It’s been several months and the site still isn’t fixed. It crashes less now, but we still have the ‘comment posted on the wrong listing’ issue and now I find out that I can’t post a review of a listing because I posted a review on another listing! It’s like the website has a giant review pool that is linked to all listings and you can only post one review on the entire website! Sorry, but I liked everything before the site updates. And I miss the ‘favorites’ feature.

    Can someone, for the sake of tiny houses, please fix this?

  5. Megan

    Hi! I was hoping to contact some of the listings, but none of the emails seem to be working.

  6. Colin

    Hi there! You REALLY need to be able to sort listings based on SQFT or Price. Please add this, the website is very visually appealing and has lots of homes to search, but is extremely frustrating to use.

  7. pat

    Since upgrade it will not let me log on

  8. Christine

    I am also trying to contact a listing, but the email does not work. When, if ever, will this get fixed?

  9. denise

    looking for a place of tiny house businesses close to big bear lake ca, anything in sanbernardino or Victorville ca. ??? thanks

  10. Tonya

    I would like to contact two tiny house listers, one in Memphis and one in Austin Tx, but neither email is showing up.says no content found. plz fix so I can contact them about their houses.

  11. Carol

    I’m also trying to email a seller about his tiny home.
    I guess this website makes sooo much money they
    don’t need to fix a problem they’ve been told about
    over 3 months ago. I have a sneaking suspicion that
    the sellers aren’t too happy either.

  12. ddzibinski

    Hello, I have contacted you many, many times regarding assistance with my listings. Can someone please get in touch with us. We really need to talk immediately. This has been going on for months!

  13. Anu Gupta

    Hi Steve,

    I am really interested in seeing the 2 tiny houses for rent in Austin TX. I sent you my phone and personal email in the private msg. Please contact me soon so I can start making plans for moving.

  14. Dewey J. Levie

    I have lots of small lots available north of Prescott and Chino Valley, AZ. I can rent them or sell them. I someone would need to put a septic tank on them or composting toilet. Most have electric and water available and many with natural gas.

  15. jay

    Since they’ve revamped this website, you cannot search things as easily, and CAN NOT get in touch with sellers.

    I won’t be coming back. How frustrating.

  16. taylor call

    do you make sure your listings are legit??

  17. haskinelizabeth

    like alot of your listings but cant contact who email is listed said contact not found

  18. esiodgvn

    Guys, the website has been “broken” since December 2015, and it’s steadily gotten worse since then. Now it’s pretty much unusable. Please, please, PLEASE do something to fix the website issues.

  19. Carla Hohenhouse

    I have been trying for days to reset my password. System claims an email has been sent….nothing. I have asked for a password reset around 20 times now….still nothing. I can’t get in to update my listing…Sad. I want my listing removed from here if you can’t let me in to update it.

    Just FYI, I got a call from a potential client today and she complained that all these listings are old, not updated….many of the homes have been sold and left on here….

    Shame, you could have had a good thing here but your non-responsiveness is ruining what could have been a good thing.

    I do not want my products listed on here if I cannot update them. Maybe I will just start a new website for listings, one that actually works.

  20. Justin

    It seems that the email function to any seller is not working, it always says not found. Is this a completely defunct website now??


  21. Rina

    I want to talk to a Seller in Allen TX about his tiny home and have left lots of messages and have gotten no response how do I get a hold of a seller to buy a tiny home???

  22. haskinelizabeth

    i want to contact the tiny house for rent in the woods but cant email owner

  23. Andrew

    please add the ability to search/sort/filter by size of house (sq. ft.)

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