Tiny House Listings is as well known for our YouTube channel as we are for our quality listings and sale success rate. We can’t really be sure what videos are going to be popular and what aren’t from month to month. They do speak volumes about the current trends in the tiny house market though. In the past we have had great success with converted container homes. At the same time we have seen marked viewership with gypsy wagons. Likewise we have seen high quality videos fair just as well as shaky, walk-through videos shot on a phone. The fact remains though that we post videos that continue to reflect who we are at Tiny House Listings. We are a representation of the people’s voice and thoughts and while we do post the occasional Vlog style video, we enjoy showing the best, most beautiful, most progressive, tiny houses available in the world! During April and May the following shot to the top of the leader boards. Which ones did you see?

May 5, 2017 >> Luxury Container Home For Less Than $40,000

Shot with all the YouTube bells and whistles including gimbal videography, a beautiful model, and a knowledgeable narrator, this video features an 165 sq.ft. converted cargo container with oversized windows and 11 windows. Built by Alternative Living Spaces this container home is a beauty. Have a look:

April 1, 2017 >> The Amazingly Beautiful Sakura Tiny House Has Style

The Sakura Tiny House was recently completely by Minimaliste Homes in Québec. In Japanese the word sakura means cherry blossom and most commonly refers to an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life and while life is fleeting and our life in a home is truly only temporary this video shows a beautiful tiny house that can stand the test of time.

April 5, 2017 >> Stretch Out In The Tiny Giant House

Built and toured by Alpine Tiny Homes, this tiny house gets its name because it is a 30′ gooseneck on triple axles. It features shou sugi ban on the exterior and beautiful t&g Beetle Kill Pine inside. The lighting fixtures are custom made from galvanized plumbing pipe and quite a few impressive finishes.

May 2, 2017 >> The Starlighter 1 Is The Perfect Forever Tiny House

This tiny house tour showcases a home with a lot of style and innovation including radiant floor heating, reclaimed and salvaged items, a folding deck, solar collectors, and more! Built by Bob of Showme Tiny Homes in Missouri, this 160 sq.ft. tiny house on wheels is well built and shows like the star it is!

April 20, 2017 >> The Dreamwood Is All That and Then Some

With 451 sq.ft. of living space the Dreamwood, built by Humble Homes in Maryland, has a lot going on. While it may be pushing the boundaries on what a tiny house is and showing like a modular or mobile home almost, it is still a beautiful smaller home and ready for some incredible life experiences.

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  1. Cyndy

    About all the video of the Dreamwood showed was the outside, while the verbal tour of the place was going on & on. What exactly was the point of that?

  2. Kathy Kinberg

    Are there any tiny house communities around Peoria, Arizona to rent.

  3. Annie Milderd tribble

    Why we have not got you guys in Lawrenceville Georgia try here

  4. Mary

    Beautiful how would you get it over the canadian border into New York state? and what would be the charges to deliver it to NYS? The extended area of the loft makes it much more usable, and I like the idea of radiant floor heating which should be good as it is well insulated for the harsh winters in Canada, we also have cold winters in NYS…great design, nice finishes, and lots of storage with cabinets, not open shelving… I hope to one day get a tiny house and this design would be perfect for me… Thanks for sharing Mary

  5. Tina Bryan

    Has anyone had positive tiny house experiences in North Carolina? Zoning folks in my county don’t seem to know whether to permit them or not. (They do the safe thing and say no.)