Recently I featured Brian McClure’s neat little back yard tiny house that serves as a guest house on Tiny House Swoon. Alot of folks said they’d like to see more photos including some of the interior so Brian broke out his camera and went to town.

Here’s what Brian has to say about his little tiny house that he built himself:

I call my guest house my “little cottage.” Throughout the build process I tried to use found items. It measures 12’x16′ and has a small loft above. I used hardie board on the outside and arch shingles on the roof. I found some reclaimed old red bricks for the front porch that I feel turned out quite nicely. I purchased the windows from the Home Depot and found the door at a 2nd hand store.

I also have another guest house on my property and hooked the power up to the Little Cottage from the existing house. I hooked up the sewer from a clean out. The plans for the cottage came from Sheldon Designs. I have been in the home building business for 30 years I spent the last 4 years building The Little Cottage and building it was the most fun I’ve had building so far!

I found the kitchen hutch at a 2nd hand store. I added a sink to the kitchen hutch to make it an all-in-one kitchen.

The walls have bat and board throughout the cottage’s interior.

The cottage has a small loft above that is used for storage but a small bed could fit to convert the loft into a sleeping loft.

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